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Eat Ski Eat – Vail (One Month Late)

I’m not going to lie – vacations for me are almost always about the food.  It’s how I like to travel – going from restaurant to restaurant to little cafes, trying all the local fare.

So here we are – one month later, but I couldn’t help but still post pictures of the food and a few adventures in Vail from my little family vacation (beware – massive photo dump ahead):

sushi & japanese food at Yama:

IMG 9751

IMG 9752

IMG 9753

^best dish of the night.  Colorado bass sashimi.

IMG 9754

IMG 9755

IMG 9757

Hey, leetle seester.

Amazing dinner at the Larkspur.

IMG 9760

IMG 9763

IMG 9764

IMG 9766

Our yearly lentil stew – I always love this recipe.

IMG 9770

Some cliffs we skied:

IMG 9772

Thanks for taking me down that one, mom.

IMG 9774

IMG 9777

Another fantastic meal on the mountain at Game Creek Inn:

IMG 9786

IMG 9790

IMG 9791

IMG 9793

(mmm chocolate)

IMG 9795

yup, we took a snow cat to dinner.

German lunch at Alpenrose:

IMG 9804

IMG 9805

IMG 9807

Delicious fresh dinner at Montauk Seafood Grill:

IMG 9812

IMG 9813

IMG 9814

Chillin’ at Blue Sky Basin:

IMG 9824

IMG 9827

Chili and cornbread for lunch…

20131225 121410

I love this combo.

20131227 150547

Mmm spicy mocha lattes.

20140102 115421

And more chili and cornbread.

20140103 113642

Egg sandwiches for the road

20140103 141908

Hello, tent (aka Denver airport)

20140103 164849

Look what I found at the airport!

20140103 165719

Goodbye Colorado!  See you soon.

Do you eat your way through vacations?

Where was the last place you visited? What was the best meal you had there?

WIAW – Chicago Eats (Again!)

The last thing I should be doing now is blogging, but goodness knows I need a break from this and this and this.  Thank you, physics.  Also, now I have an excuse to share some of the delicious meals I ate while I was in Chicago over winter break.

First up, lunches (and a few dinners) out!  At school – and in NYC in general – most often I eat lunch at home or pack a lunch.  Going out for lunch is a bit of a treat, since my budget doesn’t support doing so on a regular basis.  At home, I had plenty of chances to go out to lunch (thanks, mom!), as well as friends to meet for lunches and dinners.

IMG 8868

Roasted mushroom and swiss chard with whipped goat cheese on niche – from Floriole (favorite local French bakery, I always eat here at least once when in Chicago!)

IMG 8869

pistachio croissant, split with mom for dessert.

20130111 131330

Chocolat a l’orange – a delicious drink from Uncommon Ground.  Orange blossom white tea, steamed (soy) milk, chocolate, orange zest.  They serve all their lattes in bowls!

20130111 131644

seasonal scramble!  eggs, goat cheese, sweet potato (scrambled in), brussels sprouts with a side of crispy potatoes.  This was still while I was in soft-food-only mode, recovering from wisdom teeth extraction.

20130115 133627

another Floriole lunch – the tartine with creamy feta, sunchokes/jerusalem artichokes (aka my new favorite root), parsley, caramelized dates and onions (I got it on the side since I don’t eat the onions). Must recreate this soon!

20130116 142145

A lunch special from Urban Vegan – an all vegan Thai restaurant!  My dish of choice was the pumpkin, eggplant & tofu something or other.  I ate every bite.

20130117 123905

Lunch at Ann Sather – a Swedish diner!  Looking at the menu was a bit of a flashback to last year, although the dishes they serve at AS are far from authentic.  Still, the flavors are there.  I started with a side salad with a delicious caraway dressing.

20130117 124305

For lunch, gigantic smoked salmon and dill omelet.  Simple, but hit the spot.

20130117 185757

One night I met up with my cousin at Native Foods Cafe – she’s vegan, and what better excuse than that to go to an all vegan restaurant?!  We started with the Saigon rolls.  YUM. that is all.  Actually, I want more of that peanut sauce now.

20130117 190157

For my main, I got my usual favorite – the sesame kale macro bowl.  I adore this dish.  And good thing I was hungry, because I probably would have eaten it all no matter what.

20130117 190217

The bowl comes with a side of cucumber salad.  We also each got a small dessert (vegan carrot cake cream cheese frosted cupcake for me, peanut butter parfait for her), but I was too involved in the food and conversation at that point that a picture just didn’t happen.

This is not by any means a comprehensive list of all the restaurants and cafes I visited while in Chicago, just a sampling of favorites.  And the best photos I have. The same goes for this next part – dinners at home! One thing I love about going home to Chicago, is getting to cook with my mom in a real kitchen (as opposed to my sad excuse for a “kitchen” in my nyc apartment).  Some of our dinners:

20130110 185154

Chelsey’s spinach, artichoke and white bean chili – not pretty at all, but basically tastes like spinach-artichoke dip in a bowl.

20130113 102647

A random breakfast that was strangely good – half a large banana, half an avocado, 2 eggs, coffee.  Totally different from my usual lazy-girl breakfast of toast or microwaved oatmeal!

20130113 184433

Chocolate chip chili and homemade jalapeno cornbread.  This was golden globe night, and one of the tastiest dinners we made!  That cornbread also tasted delicious with two runny eggs for breakfast one day.  Homemade baked goodies are the best.

20130114 190530

Simple teriyaki broiled salmon, garlic and ginger bok choy (plus a big unpictured salad with miso dressing).  I do love my Asian flavors.

20130116 183122

white beans & greens (super garlic-y!) and trader joe’s veggie gyoza.  No idea how this came together – but surprisingly it wasn’t my idea.  Hey, I guess I have to get my weird-food-combo gene from somewhere!

20130122 185001

And last meal in chicago – a (freaking complicated. but not really) salad from Potbelly at the airport.

Bca721b4650411e2862522000a1f9c96 7

I also had a little bag of Nuts on Clark Chicago mix popcorn to keep me sane while waiting for a flight that was randomly delayed 2.5 hours.  Thank you, outdated technology at LGA.

20130119 142344

Other things I’m going to miss about Chicago? THIS FACE.  I’m so mad my phone somehow corrupted this picture on my sd card.  But it’s still adorable.

Do you like eating at cafés and restaurants? Or prefer to cook at home?

Favorite meal you’ve made recently?

WIAW – The Ultimate Vail Food Post

Beware, readers, this post is seriously photo-heavy.  Not to mention, food-porn heavy.

I know, I’m a little late for What I Ate Wednesday, but I wanted to share all my eats from my ski trip in one post, and I didn’t want these pictures sitting around for another week unpublished.  So here we go:


20121226 085158

Most days breakfast looked something like this.  Delicious, al-dente oatmeal prepared by Dad (one of my favorite parts of family vacation – breakfast is ready when I wake up!), topped with the works.

20130101 081451

And coffee on the side.  On non-oatmeal days, it was plain greek yogurt under a mess of fruit and almond butter.  Nothing special, but it works.


20121225 130325

A mix of lunches on the mountain, and at restaurants in Vail village.  Veg burritos on the mountain,

20121226 133131

Fish tacos at Red Lion (side note- anyone ever had Wahoo? that’s the fish in those tacos, I’m a little surprised I’ve never heard of it!)

20121227 124841

Crunchy veggie salad at Pepi’s

20121230 133559

Spinach salad (no cheese, no meat, add hummus) at Blue Moose Pizza in Lionshead Village

20121231 114048

Asian bowl at the Terrace at Mid-Vail restaurant! (easily one of my favorite lunches, wish we could have eaten here more than one day)

20130101 114943

And the last mountain lunch at Two Elk Lodge (top of the mountain)- veggie chili and cornbread (more like corn cake, but SO delicious with chipotle Cholula on top! #strangebutgood)

IMG 8762

Los Amigos mexican – weird guacamole (something not quite right with the flavor) and addicting chips.

IMG 8763

BLUE CORN enchiladas!  With shredded chicken, and that amazing green chili salsa.  I ate every last bite. (that’s one thing about skiing, makes my appetite go crazy)


We ate most dinners out, and had a chance to try some of the best restaurants Vail had to offer. First up, the Larkspur.

IMG 8702

Started with a cocktail – the 919 vodka, white wine (forget which grape), elderflower liqueur. Light, but tasty.

IMG 8704

Shared some of Mom’s caesar salad with potato croutons.  Definitely one of the best parts of the meal, but a little too heavy on the dressing.

IMG 8705

for dinner – salmon with israeli couscous, wild mushrooms, bok choy in tomato butter sauce.  Definitely tasty, but really rich.  I have to say, this dinner didn’t quite measure up to our standards.  The place is advertised as the best restaurant in Vail, a definite foodie destination.  But every dish was a little heavy on the umami, much to rich for me.

IMG 8706

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy dessert :-) [[hey, it’s vacation!]]  I got the roasted banana and chocolate napoleon.

IMG 8707

I don’t think I liked that one very much 😉

Next up, Bol – a modern restaurant and bowling alley in Vail’s Solaris.

IMG 8711

Started with a market salad, which was right up my alley (pun intended… bowling alley… okay I’m done)!  It had roasted asparagus, radishes, sunflower seeds, caraway, and a very light vinaigrette.  I could have easily eaten twice this much!

IMG 8712

Since there were no entrees really calling my name, I went with appetizers for dinner (I often do this when there aren’t tons of veg entrees.  plus, I like the smaller portions – more room for tasting!).  Spicy chickpea fritters with pickled veggies and yogurt raita.

IMG 8713

Sunchokes and sprouts with apple butter and roasted apples.  A meal so satisfying, dessert wasn’t even on my mind.

Next – La Bottega, Vail’s best (supposedly) Italian food.

IMG 8718

Started with a salad – I was a little bummed that they put cheese on it.  Actually, in general I was a bit put off by the fact that there was cheese or meat or some other rich ingredient (truffles everywhere!) on even seemingly “light” or healthy dish.  But it’s really not the end of the world, so eventually I got over it.

IMG 8720

Mom’s putanesca – I had a few bites and this was good.  She said it was very authentic tasting.

IMG 8721

My (rather ugly but very tasty) tuscan white bean soup.  Again there weren’t any entrees that really appealed to me, (the one thing I really wanted, they were out of for the night!!!) so I went for a big bowl of soup.  And thoroughly enjoyed it.

IMG 8722

But still had room for dessert.  And man, this tiramisu hit the spot.  Totally worth the stomachache 😉

We weren’t planning to go out quite this much, but my Dad wanted to meet up with a friend of his from college, so they made a reservation at Tavern on the Square, in Lionshead Village.  It was advertised as a farm-to-table place with high quality standards, so I was all for it.

20121229 205646

I can’t remember why, but I wasn’t too terribly hungry for dinner that night, so I just went with a beet salad with local goat cheese (my ultimate dairy weakness), greens, and pesto crostini.  Simple and delicious, definitely something I would make on my own.

20121229 213516

The sister and I spotted the Guiness s’mores on the dessert menu, and wanted to give it a try.  It was quite a real s’more, but more like brownie sundae with marshmallows and graham cracker crumbles.  Good, but not fantastic.  A couple of the others ordered a pint of the rosemary-honey homemade ice cream, that I thought was fantastic.  But again, not terribly hungry, so I had a bite or two and called it a night.

Last, but certainly not least – Matsuhisa, probably the best restaurant we went to on this trip.  It’s a Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant, one of a his many Japanese restaurants that are some of the best in the country.

IMG 8778

started with perfectly cooked edamame.

IMG 8779

unfiltered cold sake for the table

IMG 8780

I started with the kelp salad – which was like nothing I had ever had at a Japanese restaurant.  It was a bit fishy tasting, but when dipped in the sauce and squirted with lemon, was a perfect, fresh way to begin the meal.

IMG 8781

Hamachi (yellowtail) jalapeño appetizer.  One of our all-time favorites.

IMG 8782

Ahi tuna poke with shredded hearts of palm.  I love that sushi dishes are so light, yet so satisfying!

IMG 8785

For our maki, I usually let Dad order, as I’m happy to eat whatever he chooses!  This time we went with two special rolls – the house special (4 different fish and avocado wrapped in daikon) and the salmon special (don’t remember what was in it, but it was easily the best dish of the night!).

IMG 8786

Tuna and crispy rice, a Matsuhisa specialty, eaten like so…

IMG 8787

SO good!  I can’t say I’ve ever had something quite like it at a Japanese restaurant. Yum.

IMG 8788

And of course we couldn’t pass up dessert.  Sister had the mochi ice cream (I had half of the green tea),

IMG 8789

and I chose the coconut-banana spring rolls, served with homemade vanilla ice cream. I was not expecting a fried dessert, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  It’s hard to go wrong with coconut and banana (in my book at least).


As an after-ski treat, we usually walk around the shops in the village a bit and stop for a specialty coffee.  Our java joint of choice this vacation was Yeti’s Grind in Solaris.

IMG 8823

20121227 143134

Almond milk lonestar latte (a mocha with cinnamon & cayenne!) and half of a cookie dough cupcake.  Oh man, that was good.

20121228 142339

Good express and latte art = good coffee shop.  Rachel seal of approval.

IMG 8709

The cookie dough cupcake, before cutting in half to share with Mom.

IMG 8824

Another day – the coffee and doughnuts cupcake!  Also delicious, it’s a toss up for which one was my favorite.

IMG 8825

also split with mom, this time with an *extra spicy* almond milk chai.

20121231 105558

And the very last thing – ski snacks!  Most days, I pack a Kind bar or Larabar to eat mid-morning for an energy boost.

Vail was definitely a different foodie experience for me, but once I got over the fact that I wasn’t going to find my perfect meal at every restaurant, I had a great time.  I definitely indulged a bit more than usual, and I’m ready to get back to some fresher eats.  And cut back on the cupcakes and lattes just a bit.

Choose one dish from this post -which would be your favorite?

Do you indulge more on vacation? I know I do, and I have no qualms about it!

[[PS – I’m now back in Chicago for a few weeks.  Chicago friends, let’s hang]]

[[PPS – my Birthday is in less than a week!  I can’t believe I’m already 22.  but I do love birthdays :-)]]

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