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Eat Ski Eat – Vail (One Month Late)

I’m not going to lie – vacations for me are almost always about the food.  It’s how I like to travel – going from restaurant to restaurant to little cafes, trying all the local fare.

So here we are – one month later, but I couldn’t help but still post pictures of the food and a few adventures in Vail from my little family vacation (beware – massive photo dump ahead):

sushi & japanese food at Yama:

IMG 9751

IMG 9752

IMG 9753

^best dish of the night.  Colorado bass sashimi.

IMG 9754

IMG 9755

IMG 9757

Hey, leetle seester.

Amazing dinner at the Larkspur.

IMG 9760

IMG 9763

IMG 9764

IMG 9766

Our yearly lentil stew – I always love this recipe.

IMG 9770

Some cliffs we skied:

IMG 9772

Thanks for taking me down that one, mom.

IMG 9774

IMG 9777

Another fantastic meal on the mountain at Game Creek Inn:

IMG 9786

IMG 9790

IMG 9791

IMG 9793

(mmm chocolate)

IMG 9795

yup, we took a snow cat to dinner.

German lunch at Alpenrose:

IMG 9804

IMG 9805

IMG 9807

Delicious fresh dinner at Montauk Seafood Grill:

IMG 9812

IMG 9813

IMG 9814

Chillin’ at Blue Sky Basin:

IMG 9824

IMG 9827

Chili and cornbread for lunch…

20131225 121410

I love this combo.

20131227 150547

Mmm spicy mocha lattes.

20140102 115421

And more chili and cornbread.

20140103 113642

Egg sandwiches for the road

20140103 141908

Hello, tent (aka Denver airport)

20140103 164849

Look what I found at the airport!

20140103 165719

Goodbye Colorado!  See you soon.

Do you eat your way through vacations?

Where was the last place you visited? What was the best meal you had there?

Foodieful Finds – NYC Faves

It’s only just starting to sink in.  By this time next week it will be September.  What.

I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet, but that’s all find and dandy, because I’m headed back to the midwest at the end of the week for a beach weekend in Indiana and some family time in Chicago.

Anyway, I was looking through my photos, and care across a whole slew of them that were originally destined for Instagram but never made it.  The first batch – favorite foodie spots in NYC.

20130619 194458

Back in June, I spent a small fortune on dinner – at Feast in the east village.  I think this is the most amount of money I have ever spent on a meal, but it was also one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life.  Hefty claim, yes, but I only wish the lighting was better inside the restaurant so I could have accurately captured my meal’s amazingness.


We (I went with my friend Erin) did the farmer’s market feast – the vegetarian one – which was two courses plus dessert.  Except that each plate was a course in and of itself, so this was more like a 7 course meal!  SO worth it.  NYC-ers, if you have a few dollars to burn on an excellent meal, go here.  Like, yesterday.

20130702 115743

Stumptown cappuccino!  Working at a cafe has seriously heightened my appreciation for good coffee, so I make it a point to try all the best places in the city if I’m in the neighborhood.

20130814 173235

Froyo.  On a whim, pure indulgence, delicious.  I found a place that has chocolate rocks in their topping selection! And toasted marshmallow froyo. And peanut butter chips, and ghirardelli hot fudge.  I died.

20130721 153857

Gelato at Amorino.  Amaretto, speculoos, and chocolate hazelnut.  The stomachache was worth it.

20130723 105154

Juice generation! Acai bowls!  I know I only have one photo right now to prove it, but I usually treat myself to an acai bowl or smoothie a couple times a month.  Or maybe more… So delicious. (I have professed my love for JG countless times on instagram.  and here.)

20130729 171220

Bubble tea!  I’m doing some work near Chinatown, and seeing bubble tea everywhere made me want it.  Craving, satisfied.

20130806 140257

Treat lunch from the downtown Peacefood.  Once a week, I splurge on a restaurant lunch, and I was craving a really good, vegan sandwich.  This tempeh avocado sandwich hit the spot!

20130806 141703

I also grabbed a slice of peanut butter “cheesecake” for later.  Not quite as peanut butter-y as I would have liked, but delicious nonetheless.

20130808 103831

O Cafe – my new favorite work/coffee spot! The place is South American, with a focus on quality coffee and sustainability.  And really delicious food. Right up my alley!  This day – soy capp and a veggie frittata.

20130815 103040

The best so far – iced coffee with soy milk and ricotta toast.  With pumpkin seeds and honey.  I think this was my favorite because I was full for hours after.

20130822 104421

Hot and cold – americano and Acai.  Their sprouted granola is amazing, but my only complaint is that there was not nearly enough of it – by the time I got halfway down the cup, the granola was gone, and my acai was melted.  Boo.

20130817 192700

Margaritas at Agave.  On a whim, best decision ever. Side note – I need to back here for a full meal.  Need.

20130818 143606

The TLT wrap at S’Nice.  What can I say, I like my vegan tempeh sandwiches!

Some of my favorite meals this summer, though were the ones that went totally un-documented.  Delicious Indian, Chinese, and thai food, breakfasts, coffee meetings, and family dinners – but those were more about the company.

What was your favorite new foodie spot in your city this summer?

Whirlwind Weeks

Want to know all the things I’ve done in the past couple weeks? No? Oh well, I’m telling anyway.

I cut off my hair.

20130619 150323

20130620 125535


20130620 165810
20130620 170836

after!  I don’t think my hair has ever been this short in my life.  it’s weird. it’s different. I like it.

I went to Chicago for 4 days. For a job interview. And to see family.  Whirlwind trip.

20130622 195427

packing. the night before.

20130624 083507

20130624 151152

what a view!  No matter where I live, Chicago will always hold a special place in my life.

I ate some great food while in Chi town.

20130624 073754

interview day power breakfast

20130624 160815

green juice…from walgreens?! cool!

20130625 153320

matcha latte date with a friend!

20130625 183333

20130625 183839

20130625 184211

20130625 190503

sushi date with mom!  (one of the best salmon skin rolls I’ve ever had – and salmon skin is my favorite)

I had one of the worst flight experiences of my life.  It went something like this:

Flight delay announcement.

20130627 164526

… which means airport froyo. (this happens way too often at this airport…) Flight NOT delayed anymore, we are rushed on the plane to try to beat the storm.  Push back from the gate, about to take off, then this happens.

20130627 181739

Sit on the tarmac for an hour and a half. Take off (finally).  Approach LaGuardia, and another storm hits, the airport is ground stopped. No planes can land.  Circle the airport for an hour and a half.  RUN OUT OF FUEL, and get diverted to Hartford Connecticut. WHAT.

20130627 230444

It’s already 11:30 pm. My flight was supposed to land at 8pm.  I’m in Connecticut.  Not happy.  We eventually took off again, landed in NYC, and I got home at about 2am. SIX HOURS after I was supposed to.

That made this weekend rather fun, because…

I said goodbye to my East Village apartment.

20130630 202548

20130630 202604

20130701 092103

20130701 094930

IMG 9522

I’m gonna miss that place, especially living in the village!  Such a great location – I’ll be back some day (yeah right…if my paycheck ever allows for it).

So yeah.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I’m now getting settled in my new (hopefully temporary – it’s so far from downtown!) home, and job hunting like a madwoman.

What’s the worst flight experience you’ve had?

Done anything exciting in the past few weeks?

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