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Just a Walk

So, it’s no secret I haven’t been working out lately.

IMG 9853

But yesterday, I forced myself to take a walk. Just a walk.

No strings attached.  It wasn’t a workout, it wasn’t anything – just some time outside with good tunes, sunshine, and a slice of nature.

IMG 9839

If you could still call this nature, right in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the country.  But I do.  Because it had the same effect.

IMG 9848

It was strangely freeing, even though I wasn’t really disconnected (still had my phone and camera and music).  I was just out there.

IMG 9854

It gave me just the right amount of motivation and energy – much like a really good workout should.

Who knows, that little walk may have inspired me to get back to real workouts ;-).

20140112 172253

I got my food prep done for the week – this plus some tofu, chopped veggies, and some protein thin mints.

IMG 9860

and played with my new toy! Oh I’m such a sucker for gadgets.

20140112 143036

I’d say it was a pretty productive day.

Not every ‘workout’ has to make you sweat.  It could be just a walk in the park to clear your head.

Do you take walks? Do you find them relaxing?

The Great Meat Debate

Those of you who have known me for the past few years (or have been reading the blog since I started) my have noticed something different around here:

IMG 9594


A little back story – I was never fully vegetarian or vegan.  However, for the past 3 or so years, I’ve eaten primarily a vegetarian, and dairy-free diet.

Actually, I take that back – mostly pescetarian and dairy free.

IMG 9615

I love my seafood, so even through all my “i’m gonna be super healthy and cut out all meat and dairy from my diet” days, I always kept eating fish (and eggs, although I cut those out for a while too).

Also, I would eat some meat when other people made it for me, and when I knew the source.  Organic if possible, please.  But these occasions only happened a few times per year – well, until now.

IMG 9625

So what gives? In short, my body wanted it.

Over the past few years, I’ve gone through lots of ups and down in weight, highs and lows, and over the past few months, I’ve noticed a pattern.  After a few days, exclusively vegetarian meals failed to keep me satisfied.  Even a new recipe or larger portion of vegetarian protein wouldn’t do the trick.

Without fail, I would go back for more food, and eat so many veggies, beans, and legumes, so much fiber that I would end the day hugely bloated, uncomfortable, and still unsatisfied.  Full, but still in need.

IMG 9637

So I gave in.

I bought meat to cook for myself (as much as I hate handling it raw!).  Yes, I splurged for organic or grass-fed as much as I can.  After all I’ve learned about the food industry, if I have the choice of organic or conventional (even labeled all-natural), I’m going organic.  No nasty chemicals in my food if I can avoid it.

To be honest, I’m still not entirely okay with eating meat.  I’ll spare you the details of what goes on in my head, but I’m learning to be okay with the fact that I’m eating right for my body.

How do I know this?  The other day, I was thinking back to how I used to eat before I started thinking too much about food, and I remembered that there was a period of time when I wanted steak for dinner multiple days in a row.  And I would eat it too.  I was a major meat lover, and probably at my smallest.  So yes, things have changed, bodies change over the years, but I’ve been feeling pretty good lately.

IMG 9641

I’m sleeping better, I’m staying full for longer, have more energy (for every day and for workouts), and am less bloated.

I would say I still eat about 75% vegetarian, and almost completely dairy free (my stomach doesn’t like dairy).  But I’ve now added some chicken, turkey, and occasionally, beef into my meals a few days a week.

So there you have it.  It’s still and internal ethical issue for me, but I’m trying this out for a while, in the hopes that my body responds well.

Do you eat meat?  Do the ethics or environmental impacts of it bother you?

Were you ever vegetarian and found yourself craving animal protein? 

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

The body and mind are very much connected.  I’m sure this isn’t news, but bear with me here.

I’m always at my thinnest and fittest when I am happy and busy in other aspects of my life.  I schedule my days, workouts are fit in around everything else, and meals are prepared ahead of time.   I can effortlessly slim down with a full schedule and a full life.  Makes perfect sense, right?

But that’s kind of a problem.  Because at the moment, this means that due to my current situation (no job, no stability, etc.), I’m rather uncomfortable in my skin.  I’ve gained upwards of 15+ pounds (estimate) since graduation, I’m tired all the time, and my clothes aren’t fitting like they should.

DSC 0025 002

[[back in May, on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Hard to see a different in this pic, but that dress didn’t zip a few weeks ago]]

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how much I was gaining until I looked in the mirror when I was home in August.  Even my family noticed how heavy I had gotten – and that was a serious blow.  Even if you know it’s true, it still hurst to hear your family tell you you’ve gained weight.

But that was the last straw.  Since June, I’ve been telling myself “I’ll get back in shape when I get my life together” or “It’s not that back, everything will work out once I start working and working out more”.  Notice the common theme here?  It’s the classic “I’ll start tomorrow” excuse.  And I kept saying it, thinking I was not that bad, digging myself deeper into the hole, perpetuating the cycle of unhappiness, boredom, and eating away my time and feelings.  

No fun. If every day you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow will never come.

IMG 0062 copy

[[last month, on my trip home – having fun, but definitely carrying a few extra inches]]

Sure, food tasted good, but I let myself get out of control, and slipped back into old habits of eating to fill time and space.  I would be “too tired” to exercise, and convinced myself that my body was sending me a message to rest.

WRONG. This time, the problem was in my mind.  I put myself in a misery trance and refused to get out of it.  I told myself I was too tired all the time, so I was.  Simple as that.   And my body was along for the ride.

Hey body – mind says the ride’s over.

20130916 170009

[[we’ll say that’s my “I’m determined” face]]

No, I don’t have my life in order, but there’s really no need to wait.  I can’t keep waiting, or I’ll never get there.  Getting back in shape and tuning back in to my body will help.  I’m not weighing myself or counting calories – I’ve been down that road, and it isn’t pretty.   I’m aiming to be more mindful and honest with myself when it comes to food, sleep, and exercise.  I’m writing things down, saying them out loud, and taking the time to process before diving spoon first into

I don’t need that extra spoonful of nut butter every night.  I’m not too tired to do a moderate workout 30-60 minutes per day.  In fact, that workout will probably boost my energy.

It’s all in my mind, and mind says no more waiting until tomorrow.

What helps you stay mindful in your body?

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