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Eat Ski Eat – Vail (One Month Late)

I’m not going to lie – vacations for me are almost always about the food.  It’s how I like to travel – going from restaurant to restaurant to little cafes, trying all the local fare.

So here we are – one month later, but I couldn’t help but still post pictures of the food and a few adventures in Vail from my little family vacation (beware – massive photo dump ahead):

sushi & japanese food at Yama:

IMG 9751

IMG 9752

IMG 9753

^best dish of the night.  Colorado bass sashimi.

IMG 9754

IMG 9755

IMG 9757

Hey, leetle seester.

Amazing dinner at the Larkspur.

IMG 9760

IMG 9763

IMG 9764

IMG 9766

Our yearly lentil stew – I always love this recipe.

IMG 9770

Some cliffs we skied:

IMG 9772

Thanks for taking me down that one, mom.

IMG 9774

IMG 9777

Another fantastic meal on the mountain at Game Creek Inn:

IMG 9786

IMG 9790

IMG 9791

IMG 9793

(mmm chocolate)

IMG 9795

yup, we took a snow cat to dinner.

German lunch at Alpenrose:

IMG 9804

IMG 9805

IMG 9807

Delicious fresh dinner at Montauk Seafood Grill:

IMG 9812

IMG 9813

IMG 9814

Chillin’ at Blue Sky Basin:

IMG 9824

IMG 9827

Chili and cornbread for lunch…

20131225 121410

I love this combo.

20131227 150547

Mmm spicy mocha lattes.

20140102 115421

And more chili and cornbread.

20140103 113642

Egg sandwiches for the road

20140103 141908

Hello, tent (aka Denver airport)

20140103 164849

Look what I found at the airport!

20140103 165719

Goodbye Colorado!  See you soon.

Do you eat your way through vacations?

Where was the last place you visited? What was the best meal you had there?

Beach Days & Holidays

It’s been almost a month since my little visit home for Labor Day and Rosh Hashana (the new year), but I never wrote about it.  Still, I had a lovely time being home for the holidays, and wanted to share regardless.   Cute doggy pictures included.

20130830 145452

Things you learn from working at a cafe – a standard shot of espresso is exactly 1 ounce.  Which means it will exactly fill a shot glass.  Mom was skeptical, but we did it anyway.  Yup!

20130831 141204

Love this ridiculous dog.  (She thinks she’s a cat)

IMG 0034

Morning walks on the beach with Mom & the pup.

IMG 0055

IMG 0085

watching the tri-state sailboat race.

IMG 0093

I love the colors on this beach when there’s a storm rolling in.

20130901 104914

Family brunch!  I made us a big frittata to share – eggs, spinach, tomatoes, with toasty bread, local hummus, and coffee.  Eaten on the deck.

20130901 165654


20130903 165839

Challah-making for the holiday

20130903 171121

20130903 171114

20130903 190715

One batch had chocolate sprinkles and sesame seeds on top, the other batch was a cardamom challah.  So delicious.

20130904 174849

Our table! We hosted Erev Rosh Hashana, which is the evening that the holiday starts.  Just a small gathering of friends.

20130904 182822


20130904 133126


20130904 175233

Kasha Varnishkes!

20130904 182831

Obligatory apples and honey (for a sweet new year!)

20130904 192330

Lemon/herb roasted chicken.  Delicious.

We also had apple cake for dessert that a friend brought, and few other yummy sweets.

20130905 143033

And more quality time with the doggy.

Note to self – take more pictures of actual people and events!  Actually, this is something I’ve always done.  I don’t really like having my picture taken without being asked / prepared for it, so I generally don’t like to impose by taking pictures of other people all the time.  Something to start doing more!

WIAW – Through the Hurricane

I’m generally not an optimistic person.  It takes a conscious effort for me to see the bright  side of things, but I always look for it.  Last week was particularly hard.

Thanks to a little natural disaster (hi, Sandy) that hit us on monday night, all of downtown Manhattan was without power for days.  It was surreal.  I’ve never seen the area so dead in my life.  I wish I took pictures, but I was so caught up in it that the thought didn’t even cross my mind – it was like a scene right out of a post-apocalyptic film.

Not a single building lit up.  Stores empty and abandoned.  Payphones are the only way to make a call.  People lined up for buses to take them uptown or out of the city.

Now, I know I was much luckier than most – I didn’t lose anything, save power and heat and a few days worth of work.  But it was still tough mentally.

I’ve mentioned this before, and I know it’s not the best way to deal with things, but in times like these, food is my comfort.  I look to food to make me happy, and in a time like this, good food really helped me look on the bright side. So, for this What I Ate Wednesday, I’m highlighting a few things I ate through the storm (and the dark week that followed).

20121029 110941

Morning of staying inside all day – pumpkin peanut flour VEGAN pancakes!  They came out perfectly fluffy, but unfortunately I didn’t write down my measurements.  boo.

20121029 204641

Finished cooking right as the power went out – reason why I used flash for this picture.  Roasted squash, kale chips, lentils.  Not the kind of candlelight dinner I would have liked 😛

20121030 205902

Appetite gone.  The first powerless day I had cereal for breakfast and lunch.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Then, by the time dinner rolled around, all I wanted was some fresh crunchy veggies (the hummus ended up being bad, I tossed it).

20121031 135537

Day 2 – went uptown to escape the dead zone.  And get cell service and wifi.  Went to Le Pain Quotidien for lunch – I can always count on that place for delicious eats.  Started with an amazing sweet potato soup.

20121031 140114

vegan 6-veggie quiche!  more like a lasagna, but still delicious.  I like my plants.

20121031 143356

Ended up staying in LPQ for most of the day, and when it got chilly out, ordered a soy hot cocoa.  Warm from the inside.

Since we were already uptown, the roommate and I decided to hit up Peacefood Cafe (side note – I can’t wait for them to open their downtown locations in a month!) for dinner – we were close by, and both seriously craving some delicious vegan restaurant food.  Yes, this is my kind of comfort food.

IMG 8566

Dumplings.  People say they are like crack.  People are not wrong.

IMG 8567

Chickpea fries.  Indian spiced.  I want the recipe (and that sauce!)

IMG 8569

Then we just got a big plate of veggies to share.  I’m really not kidding when I say giant plates of vegetables make me really happy.  Especially when it includes roasted kabocha squash.

IMG 8570

And, being at a vegan restaurant, I couldn’t pass up a dairy free dessert.  Especially carrot cake! Omigod. This was beyond amazing.  But huge – and I was really proud of myself for stopping when I had enough.  No need to eat the whole thing!

After a couple of days of oatmeal in a freezing apartment, and taking crowded buses uptown just to get working phone service, we headed out to Brooklyn for a few nights.  I can’t remember the last time I was that excited for a hot shower.

20121102 152424

Egyptian food at a little falafel place in Park Slope.

While there, we also went out for Indian food (still can’t get enough!) and then the roommate and I cooked an amazing arctic char for our host.  But, it didn’t feel right to take photos at the time.

So now I’ve been back in my place since saturday.  We had to dump the entire contents of the fridge.  The heater in my room doesn’t work, but at least we have lights, hot water, and all of our things.  And I’ve never been happier to get up early and go to class, run, and have a working kitchen.  Priorities, guys.  I like food, and I’ll never be ashamed of it.

Do you look to food for comfort?

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