My Story

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How I got here.

Like many people out there, I have not always been an active, healthy eating, mostly content person.  Since before high school, I was constantly stressed and self-conscious.  As I got older and school got more difficult, I turned to food as comfort.  I am a boredom eater.  I am an emotional eater.  I know this is not a diagnosed condition, but eating away my problems is not a healthy way to live – and not an easy habit to kick.  Lucky for me, for most of my young life I was one of those girls who could eat as much of anything I wanted and not gain a single pound.  There were years of my life where I ate more than a grown man, but that only lasted until I was about 17.  I slowly started packing on the pounds my last year of high school.  The more stressed I got, the more I ate.  When I got to college, I was more stressed than I had ever been – I was living on my own for the first time, on top of having to attend classes and such.  I had no idea how to live on my own.  Food was my coping mechanism.  By the end of my freshman year of college, I was 20+ pounds over my ideal weight, and horribly uncomfortable in my own skin.

Eventually it got to me, I had to do something.  I made it a personal goal to lose the weight and overcome my disordered eating – and not just by ‘dieting’ or using some method or system.  I wanted to do it on my own by making permanent lifestyle changes.  I started going to pilates, yoga, and dance classes again.  I started biking and going to the gym regularly – and found it fun!  I limited my food intake and slowly cut out the excessive processed foods from my diet.

But, like so many do, I let it go too far.

I lost the weight fast – too fast, by restricting too much and over-exercising.  I fell into a binge/restrict cycle, and found myself still uncomfortable in my own skin.  But I caught myself. I had to remember my motivation for making these changes – to learn how to live in balance.  I tried not to punish myself if I indulge a little, or missed a day at the gym. That time was not easy, and it is still a struggle to find the balance between restriction and overeating – something I am still working to achieve, but am getting better at every day.

Since then, food has become an even more prevalent thing in my life – but in a much healthier way.  Instead of scavenging in the fridge to diffuse stress, I try to scavenge the internet for new recipe ideas, cafés, and restaurants.  My eating style has changed quite bit on this journey.  No, I am not vegan or even strictly vegetarian, but I genuinely enjoy my vegetables. I eat plant-strong, and I eat for quality. If I feel like meat or dairy, or other treats, then yes, I will eat it.  My everyday eats consist of mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, etc – because these things make me feel good.  I love raw, vegan, and vegetarian food, and seek it out because it provides options that give me amazing energy – and taste really good!

Yes, I have food on the brain.  I am a foodie, and always will be.  I’m finding new ways to channel my  food-filled thoughts into something productive – and thus, the blog is born.

It is still a challenge for me not to relapse and comfort eat.  There are times when I will just go all out at the dessert table, ‘sneak’ a snack or two when I’m down and alone, or eat a few too many servings at a buffet.  I get really down on myself for it, and it’s not easy to break out of those ruts. But I’m still human, and by writing this blog I can work to change my mindset to match my philosophies.

Anything Else?

I do other things too! I have been a musician since I was 5 – I love to sing, play guitar, and a sometimes violin.  I love to travel and meet new people – despite my shyness.  I’m also a gadget geek.  I love tech-y things, reading about them, fidgeting with computers, writing programs, etc.  I also love everything about theater – acting, stage crew, going to shows, etc.  There is more to my life, but you might just have to read my posts to find that out :-)

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9 thoughts on “My Story

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  2. Ashley

    Wow, your story sounds ALOT like mine!! I have about 20 pounds to lose too and im so inspired you were able to do it!! Cant wait to read more on your blog :)

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  4. Tee

    We could have such a similar bio I could have written this myself…
    I love your blog, thank you for sharing everything and keeping us posted on all the amazing eats and ideas you find! Inspirational!! :)


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