Marvelous Is…

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…joining the marvelous Monday link party for the first time in a while!

20131008 202922

Marvelous is *finally* breaking down and buying a new camera.  Side note: the Canon loyalty program is AWESOME.  I got a refurbished camera for 35% off, and they threw in a free case and SD card.  The case actually doesn’t fit, which kind of sucks. but oh well. I didn’t pay for it.

20131008 202955

newer version of my old baby!

IMG 9568

Marvelous is… going out for Indian food with my good friend and former roommate, who was visiting from D.C.

IMG 9571

Gigantic dosa.

IMG 9573

and a simple lentil / spinach curry. (and rice)

IMG 9575

Oh, and cardamom ice cream.  That was hard as a rock, but SO good.

IMG 9570

Marvelous is… this candid photo that my friend took at the restaurant, and I actually quite like it.

IMG 9581

Marvelous is eggs & bagel thins with hummus… eaten from a pie plate.

IMG 9583

time on the mat.  One day I’ll dedicate a full post on my love for yoga.

IMG 9590

Marvelous is… a trip to Target!

IMG 9591

Famous last words – walk in for three or four things, walk out $100 poorer.  Except I somehow managed to spend much less than $100, found everything  I needed and more.

I caved and got a new plate (!!) and salad-sized bowl (shh it’s a serving bowl), new makeup bag since mine broke, a few toiletries (things I did in fact need), winter tea, and a few things for the pantry.  I’m having these pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

IMG 9592

Oh, and the other boring stuff I went in for.  Major success.

IMG 9593

And hey, no more eating off of pie plates!

20131012 163420

Marvelous is… sweaty gym sessions.  (Starting to build my fitness level back up)

IMG 9601

Making THE BEST peanut butter cookies for my roommates and co-workers (don’t worry, I ate one. or two. or three…)

IMG 9611

Marvelous is hosting a housewarming party like real adults (yeah, we’re still college kids at heart).  I made the hummus and guac.

20131014 142300

Marvelous is, dressing up like a real human being (read: not in yoga clothes) for a big interview, taking a picture in the mirror stuffed in a corner.

What’s marvelous to you right now?

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