I’m a Bad Food Blogger.

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Guess who’s back in the kitchen?!  I know I need variety in my life when it comes to food (I’ve written about it multiple times before, like here and here), but after a while I get lazy and go back to eating my throw-together-in-5-minutes meals.  (bad food blogger!) While those are delicious, it gets boring and leaves me unsatisfied after meals.

Which is never good.  So, as a part of operation get back on the healthy train, I’ve made it a point to buy some new and different ingredients to make new recipes.

20130826 150222

I made a batch of this raw vegan pesto with pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts or walnuts.  It’s an all-time favorite! I’ve made it 3 or 4 times, and without fail it’s always delicious.  My very traditional foodie roommate even loved it, and couldn’t tell it had no cheese.

20130930 152857

It makes for delicious lunches (yup, on toast…), but the variety? Roasted tomatoes from the whole foods antipasto bar. SO good.

20131001 140023

And on wraps with avocado and kale.  This was the most delicious lunch I’ve had in a while.  (Please excuse the blurriness, I’m finally getting a new camera soon so I won’t have to used my phone for all pictures)

20131001 185950

A “health-ified” version of a dish my mom used to make all the time, spaghetti with salmon and cream sauce.  Except I used spaghetti squash, added coconut cream and nutritional yeast, with a piece of wild salmon roasted with lemon and dill.  Not the same, of course, but the idea was there, and it was delicious.

20131002 194557

I tried my hand at marinated chicken (I hate handling raw meat).  I used this tandoori-spiced chicken recipe, but made it on a whim, so I didn’t have time to let it marinate for 2 hours, but did it instead for about 30 minutes.

20131002 194948

It wasn’t as flavorful as it could have been, but it was still delicious.  I served it with crispy roasted cauliflower (olive oil & garlic salt) and a little side salad with some amazing local tomatoes.  I saved the leftovers for salads later in the week.

20131003 141058

For lunch the next day,

20131005 191922

And a quick, easy dinner after a long day of work.  With a side of (baked sweet potato) fries. Again excuse the blurriness (cannot wait for new camera!)

20131003 191856

Eggs poached in tomato sauce! (or cheater’s shakshuka…)

20131003 192113

Served on zucchini noodles with mushrooms and greens.  I tried sautéing the noodles to make them a little softer.  They had a more pronounced zucchini taste (less neutral), but it went well with this meal.

20131004 183048

And then, the next day, I broke the only dinner plate I own.  I’m a terrible food blogger, I know, but when you move around as much as I do, and don’t cook for more than one, you only own one plate.

But then I dropped a salt shaker on it, and now I own zero.

20131004 190636

So now I eat out of my pie plate, which makes for much less appealing photos.  (clear plate = less contrast = uglier food)

But it’s still just as delicious!  Julienned sweet potato and mushrooms sautéed in ghee – HOLY YUM – chili lime broiled salmon, greens with tahini-lime sauce.  I want that sweet potato again!

20131007 194152

And last night’s delicious dinner (well, tonight’s as I’m writing this Monday night) was sautéed curry shrimp over greens, with baked delicata squash “fries”.  One of my favorite recipes!

So there you have it, a peak into my kitchen.  Variety is the spice of life indeed.

Do you cook the same things over and over? Or do you like to try new recipes?

How many plates do you own? I pretty much have one of everything, except silverware.  Single life!

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One thought on “I’m a Bad Food Blogger.

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Oh nooooo! Poor plate! Just come shopping over at my house…I’ve got MORE than enough thanks to my prop buying addiction! I have one cabinet of my “regular” plates, bowls, glasses and then a whole OTHER cabinet just for blog stuff! Haha! Dinnerware homicides aside, look at you go! I love that you are getting back in the kitchen and having fun mixing things up! That dish with the egg in tomato sauce over zucchini noodles looks fantastic! And you know, I actually prefer vegan pestos to the cheese-filled ones!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Peanut, Peanut Butter…and PUMPKIN!My Profile


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