Beach Days & Holidays

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It’s been almost a month since my little visit home for Labor Day and Rosh Hashana (the new year), but I never wrote about it.  Still, I had a lovely time being home for the holidays, and wanted to share regardless.   Cute doggy pictures included.

20130830 145452

Things you learn from working at a cafe – a standard shot of espresso is exactly 1 ounce.  Which means it will exactly fill a shot glass.  Mom was skeptical, but we did it anyway.  Yup!

20130831 141204

Love this ridiculous dog.  (She thinks she’s a cat)

IMG 0034

Morning walks on the beach with Mom & the pup.

IMG 0055

IMG 0085

watching the tri-state sailboat race.

IMG 0093

I love the colors on this beach when there’s a storm rolling in.

20130901 104914

Family brunch!  I made us a big frittata to share – eggs, spinach, tomatoes, with toasty bread, local hummus, and coffee.  Eaten on the deck.

20130901 165654


20130903 165839

Challah-making for the holiday

20130903 171121

20130903 171114

20130903 190715

One batch had chocolate sprinkles and sesame seeds on top, the other batch was a cardamom challah.  So delicious.

20130904 174849

Our table! We hosted Erev Rosh Hashana, which is the evening that the holiday starts.  Just a small gathering of friends.

20130904 182822


20130904 133126


20130904 175233

Kasha Varnishkes!

20130904 182831

Obligatory apples and honey (for a sweet new year!)

20130904 192330

Lemon/herb roasted chicken.  Delicious.

We also had apple cake for dessert that a friend brought, and few other yummy sweets.

20130905 143033

And more quality time with the doggy.

Note to self – take more pictures of actual people and events!  Actually, this is something I’ve always done.  I don’t really like having my picture taken without being asked / prepared for it, so I generally don’t like to impose by taking pictures of other people all the time.  Something to start doing more!

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