WILL – What I’m Loving Lately (summer)

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And with that, how about a lighter post?  I love sharing my favorite new finds.  I already shared my favorite foodie spots in NYC this summer, so here are some of my favorite new items that I’ve acquired over the past few months.

20130819 112837

I finally caved and bought a spiralizer.

20130819 112753

I got this one on amazon (except it was on sale when I got it, and they didn’t have the fun colors) and I love it because it’s relatively small, and works just as well as the big, crank-powered one that most people love.

20130819 150825

so noodle-y! And so much faster than my julienne peeler.

20130816 160644

Trader Joe’s lavender salt scrub. 100% natural ingredients, makes your bathroom smell like a spa, and leaves your skin baby-soft.  Seriously, treat yourself.

20130812 181931

Kombucha!  I’ve limited myself to only a couple bottles per month because of the price, but this is a real treat for both my taste buds and my gut.  Makes my insides happy.

20130811 220034

Books!  I love reading before bed – it calms me down, and I sleep SO much better.  I’m on a big fiction/fantasy kick.  In the past few months I’ve finished this series (Charley Davidson series), read the last Infernal Devices book, read the last Delirium book, and just started the Grisha series.  I read like a 13 year old, I know – but the easy reads are great for before bed.

20130814 231930

Also, this happened.  I seemed to have the WORST luck with electronics this summer!  First my computer, then my camera, then my kindle.  This one I had to get replaced ASAP.  Luckily amazon has a trade-in discount program.

20130821 171033

Newly refurbished! And this time I got a case, so my screen won’t die if I drop it.

20130812 133602

I finally invested in a yoga towel.  Because I’m the sweatiest person I know, and this was much needed.

20130812 135057

Love it.  No slippage, and no need to blot my face with a hand towel every ten seconds.  It also keeps my mat nice and pretty.

20130821 121102

Nail decals!  These are so fun, and they lasted a good 10 days – which is impressive for me.  But there do take a long time and are kind of a pain to apply, so they won’t be making a regular appearance.

20130827 141625

LOVE this new flavored sparkling water (thanks Meg for altering me of its existence).  I’m a huge fan of unsweetened, flavored sparkling water.  I don’t really care for sweet drinks, but I like a little something fizzy and more interesting than plain water every now and then.  I used to get these all the time in Sweden, in awesome flavors like strawberry licorice, and I wish they were more readily available (and as cheap) here.

20130912 205219

BEWARE.  This stuff is addicting.  My roommate and I decided that it tastes like warm chocolate chip cookie (without the chocolate – although adding some in would be amazing) with melted ice cream. AKA heaven.  You have been warned.

20130913 112103

New makeup!  Long overdue.  My old stuff was down to the last little bits, and was probably going bad.  I professed my love for Jane Iredale makeup here, and can’t say enough good things about it.  I love they way they wrapped the package, and added a little personal touch!

20130913 112329

My magical face.  I cannot tell you enough about how this makeup has done wonders for my self-esteem.

What new finds are YOU loving lately?

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