Fitness – Giving Up the Effort

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It’s no secret I’ve fallen off the workout wagon.  It all started with my untimely stress-fractured foot, and I have to say I’ve struggled greatly with fitness since then.  This injury was supposed to take 6 weeks to heal, but I’m already at 16+ weeks and still not 100 percent.  So it’s been difficult – both mentally and physically – to be passionate about fitness.

I’ve debated writing about my current workout regimen many times in along the way, but always decided against it.  Bottom line, I was not happy where I was with my fitness.  I’ve gained quite a bit of weight since I stopped running, and it’s been really difficult to find an activity that I can afford (read: I don’t have $$ for a gym membership or classes), and that I enjoy.  Though far from perfectly content, I’m in a better mental place about it now.

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Well, I’m in a good enough place to write about it and not sound like a total downer.Since it’s been a million years since I’ve written about my workouts, here’s a brief overview of what I’ve been doing the past few months:

April – walking with crutches (I had killer arm muscles for a few weeks there), light mat pilates, maybe some stretching

May – occasional pilates and/or floor yoga and stretching.  Maybe a weights workout once a week, half-assed

June – added more strength workouts (using the NTC app!), still avoiding anything high-impact, back to yoga classes (!!) but only Relax/restorative, started Best Body Bootcamp, started physical therapy to regain strength in my foot

July – Best Body Bootcamp strength only, with yoga and physical therapy on cardio days.  this was difficult without a gym membership, and I know my cardio endurance has gone out the window.  I quit Best Body Bootcamp (more on this in a bit)

August – so far, just yoga and physical therapy.  But, my PT is getting me started on exercises to get back into running!!!

So, yeah. All over the place would be an understatement.  To be perfectly honest, I just haven’t been that into working out lately.  Now don’t get me wrong here – I love the feeling afterwards when I do get inspired to work out.  There were days when I would be really feeling my strength training, where working my muscles felt freaking awesome, and I felt so strong and powerful.

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But, more often than not, these workouts started to feel forced.  I was distracted, feeling like I had to do the workout, but not enjoying it.  So I stopped, and took a few weeks to just chill.  After feeling like a total bum, I was more than ready to start up with Best Body Bootcamp.  I even took pictures at the start, hoping to see some changes in my body.

IMG 9499

IMG 9504

I loved the first two phases (4 weeks) and part of the third – I could do all the moves without modifying for my still-healing foot (minus the cardio, again no gym membership), the workouts were fast-paced and fun, and I was getting stronger every day.  But then, as I moved further along, the workouts started to feel like a chore.  I was not giving it my all, I was distracted, I was tired, and I was certainly not helping my body.  So again, I stopped.

Truth be told, I felt some guilt about quitting the program early.  I wanted to finish strong.  I wanted to see progress in my body.  I wanted updated pictures with a more lean and toned body.  I wanted to get back in shape and stop feeling like a bum.  But I wanted to enjoy the process, and that wasn’t the case.

Forced workouts on not enough sleep, distracted during workouts, and no physical progress because my mind was elsewhere.  Not anyone’s idea of fun. It wasn’t working for me.

The only thing I kept coming back to was yoga.  My yoga classes and practices never felt forced.  If they do, it’s so easy to back off, and change the moves a bit.  Yes, of course there were days whereI was too distracted I couldn’t even get into my yoga, but those days happen – and sometimes that hour is best spent just reading book and relaxing.  Or sleeping in.  It’s amazing how much better everything functions with enough sleep, I can’t let myself forget this.

20130528 164041

So I’m going to continue with this approach for the next month or so – but still keeping myself accountable. My “plan” is as follows:

  • aim for strength yoga 3x / week – usually 45 minutes to an hour
  • physical therapy, gradually (and safely!) ease back into running
  • yoga/stretch at least 10 minutes per day if nothing else

I don’t want to “let myself go” because I love feeling strong and movable.  Being sedentary does not feel good.  One day, I know I’ll pick up the weights again, because I do really love strength training.  But now is not the time.

For now, I’ll stick to easy movement that doesn’t stress me out or make me unhappy. Sound good?

I think so.

What is your current movement / workout routine?

Do you ever get bored / distracted / unhappy with your fitness regimen?

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