Heat Makes Me Ramble

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I’m melting.  Really, NYC?

Screen Shot 2013 07 18 at 9 25 20 PM

So sweaty all the time.  I can’t handle it.  Well, actually, I’m doing alright, I just feel really bad for all the people who have to be around me all day.  Oh well.  Time for another shower.

IMG 9552

Heat = no way in hell am I turning on the oven in my un-airconditioned kitchen/living room.  Which means one good thing.  The mixing bowl salad is back!  I’m still without my own appropriately-sized bowl, but I’ve borrowed one from my roommate.  Oh, the perks of living with friends.

20130706 101337

It’s been two weeks since I’ve eaten eggs (but for the record, the above omelet was spinach & goat cheese w/ hot sauce and delicious).  For breakfast, or for dinner.  And this is coming from a girl who was eating at least 2 eggs a day.  In this heat, eggs sound pretty disgusting to me at the moment.

20130711 110903

Lots of fruit and smoothies instead.  Fun fact: I have smoothies for breakfast at least 4x per week, but never take a picture because they’re my grab ‘n go breakfast of choice.  That, and they don’t look all that exciting.

20130223 090648

Another fun fact – I’ve mentioned before that I work at a café.  But, I’m not a barista.  I can do everything but the espresso machine.  This week, my boss brought in people from our roaster to teach a full barista workshop – so I’m well on my way to pulling delicious espresso and creating lovely latte art like the photo above.  (Made by my coworker).  On that note, I’m hitting myself for not taking any photos of the cappuccinos I made during the class.  Boo.

20130717 124420

Mmm mini-sized mixing bowl salad.  Like I said, back in full force.  I’m not complaining there.

What’s your favorite way-too-hot-to-cook meal? salads all the way!

Any other baristas out there? Latte art tips please?!

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