This Week I…

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..had planned to get a ton of work done, and blog. Famous last words.  But this time I had a valid excuse!  When I opened up my computer Tuesday morning to get some work done, I saw this:

20130710 154408

See that green? Not supposed to be there.  It’s supposed to look something like this:

Screen Shot 2013 07 15 at 11 43 18 AM

Long story short, my beloved macbook pro was in need of some  serious surgery.  So she was in the hospital (aka repair depot) this week.

This week. Right. A number of things happened, mostly insignificant, some marvelous.  But hey, it’s the little things, right?

This week I…

IMG 9536

…got attacked by a mosquito (yup, just one.)

IMG 9531

… managed to break my favorite paring knife (boo ceramic)

20130704 200546

… captured this awesome view of Manhattan from a Brooklyn rooftop (this was actually July 4th, but I had to share)

20130709 125343

… had a delicious lunch at Beyond Sushi (in Chelsea Market)

20130709 130000

…devoured this rice bowl salad (LOVE the “forbidden”/black rice on there!)

20130709 130504

and want to recreate it at home.

This week I…

20130707 144240

… ate lunch at whole foods. (that wasabi pea minty-fresh tofu OMIGOD.  must create this as well)

20130711 120629

…ate dinner at whole foods (couldn’t get enough of that tofu)

20130714 141720

…and went back for thirds.  don’t worry, this was not all in the same day.

This week I …

20130712 164947

…impulsively had froyo for dinner.  toasted marshmallow froyo with ALL the toppings.

20130714 154200

… rode around on these awesome wheels,

20130714 154208

… and got super sweaty just living life. (this photo does NOT accurately capture how sweaty I am)

This week I…

IMG 9529

…made a delicious “pizza” – figs, chicken sausage, goat cheese, balsamic, YUM

IMG 9532

…ate more figs, with nut butter.  perfect pre-workout snack!

IMG 9545

… and I demolished this hummus.  It barely tastes like hummus but it’s pretty addicting.  Deliciously fresh and spicy.

This week I…

IMG 9547

…cooled off with nature’s best popsicle (I may have eaten 75% of this package in one sitting)

IMG 9546

…started my day with a nice big yogurt bowl breakfast (Amanda knows what I’m talking about here)

IMG 9548

…and got my baby back!!!

IMG 9549

and they basically had to replace everything essential except my GPU and the casing.  So I basically have a new computer. Shiny!!

So, a pretty marvelous week if I do say so myself.

Finish this sentence:  This week I  _______. [[bonus points if it’s marvelous!!]]

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2 thoughts on “This Week I…

  1. Chelsea @ Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen

    Computer troubles are the worst! Mine keeps on randomly shutting down lately and I’m getting really freaked out it’s about to die. I’m glad you were able to get yours fixed though. Also it looks like you’ve had some pretty awesome eats this week. Those sushi rolls look insane!

    This week I did outdoor yoga!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Shavasana and sushiMy Profile

  2. Christopher

    Please let me know if you were effectively able to recreate the Wasabi Minty Fresh Tofu. I’m completely hooked and not sure if I should rehydrate the peas first or just throw them in with the garlic & green onions.


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