A New Look

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Anyone notice anything different around here?

…no? I’ll give you a hint.  You’ll need to click through to site to see this one.  Out with the old…

Screen Shot 2013 07 07 at 11 15 23 PM

And in with the new!  You’ll also notice that I’ve got these fancy new follow buttons on the sidebar since Google Reader died (*tear*).  So subscribe! (I mean subscribe, please and thank you >_<) Also, I’ve changed my feed delivery service, so I hope this post gets to my email subscribers out there.

Screen Shot 2013 07 07 at 11 34 18 AM

Now, I’m far from a graphic designer.  Hell, I hardly even know how to use photoshop and illustrator!  (I used other programs to create my new look) So I’m not claiming this to be a masterpiece, and I’m not going to start selling design services.  But for one, I can’t justify paying someone to do something that I want to learn how to do anyway.  I’m good with tech and website things, and like to think I have an eye for a halfway decent design.  Plus, it was fun to create!

It’s not totally done – there are a few more elements I’ll (hopefully) add soon, but I wanted the big reveal out there.  Anyway, enough with the technical stuff.  This post has more than one purpose.

Motivation.  For me, a fresh look empowers me, motivates me.  For example, my haircut.

20130620 152351

Something as simple as this made me want to go out and get things done.  Job hunting. Work. Anything.  I have no idea what the psychology is behind it, but I’ll take it.

Basically, I’m hoping that this blog refresh will motivate me to write more.  I really do enjoy blogging, and to be honest, I need the creative release.  These days, I usually have a million ideas for posts I want to write – but at the end of the day I usually wind up watching a TV show or something to decompress.  And while that’s all fine and dandy, I think it would be good for me to write more.  Who knows what about, but I guess we shall see.

So, here’s to the new and improved Eat Learn Discover!


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