Foodie Lately – Use it up!

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Remember how I said it doesn’t feel like summer yet to me? Well, all that doesn’t apply anymore.  Reason why?

True Blood.  It’s back!  I don’t care how dumb this is, but watching the premier of that show has kicked off my summer for the past 5-ish years. (Jeez, that long?! Man, now I feel old.)  Any other truebies out there?

Moving on.  I’m moving again in a couple of weeks (this is the longest I’ve been in one place in the past 4 years…not anymore!), so I have tons of random ingredients to use up.  I tend to get super creative when I have things that need to be used up.  I find it a fun challenge!

So I’ve been cooking things! Want me to prove it?

IMG 9489

Homemade vegan super-burgers (black beans, quinoa, mushrooms).  They were delicious, but a bit mushy.  Thought they held together surprisingly well.  I want to try to see if I can get a better consistency.

IMG 9490

Must always have sauce. Mustard & BBQ here.

IMG 9482

I used the delicious Fig Food beans – from a pouch!  (Shameless plug – the company founder is family. But they make a really great product!)

IMG 9497

THESE COOKIES (click for recipe).  I had a whole bunch of almond flour to use up, so I decided to finally take the plunge and make these guys.  I’ve seen various bloggers write and rave about them, and they do indeed live up to the hype.

IMG 9498

I used coconut oil instead of  butter because I don’t keep butter on hand, and they still came out amazing (though I can imagine they taste slightly different.  but I happen to like the taste of coconut oil).  And used extra dark chips, because I can. I’ve given some to friends and family and they’re definitely a hit!

20130605 200954

Plantain flatbread (click for recipe)! Only two ingredients! These twin kitchen-geniuses have done it again.  The consistency of this bread is ridiculous, and the taste is very neutral – so versatile.  I ate half for dinner with indian chickpea curry (yup.  judge all you want :-P)

20130606 150158

and the other half made a hummus-cucumber-avocado sandwich.  YUM.

Oh, and this too…

20130618 163104

toasted coconut butter.  yes I did.

20130618 170123

It took all the self I had not to eat like 100 spoonfuls of this.  I kept it to two 😉

What have you been cooking/creating lately?

Do you get more creative in the kitchen when you have ingredients to use up?

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