Eggs for Dinner: Musings of a Lazy Foodie

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“laksjhdflkjhasdflaiuseralebfalwuehv” – My brain right now.  This is one of those weird transition phases where I find myself doing a million things one day, then absolutely nothing the next.  Job searching, and working (?), maybe moving, maybe not, graduated but have so much to do, blah blah blah.  So jumbled, but at the same time, so much more relaxed now that school is over.  I’m weird.  And done ranting now.

Needless to say, I have yet to be super inspired to get creative in the kitchen.  I guess I’m still recovering from school-induced lack of sleep?

Eggs for dinner.  It’s my “I don’t feel like cooking” go-to.  So much so, that I basically can’t eat eggs for breakfast anymore – gotta keep things interesting.

20130505 193942

Omelet style. The roasted veggies happened before this ridiculous heat wave.

20130510 193009

Fried-on-a-veggie-burger style.  Seriously.  Veggie burgers (or non veggie, if that’s how you do) with a fried eggs are seriously undervalued. Seriously.

20130514 202601

Frittata-style.  I have nothing attempting to be witty to say here.

20130520 200314

Scramble-style.  With eggplant chips.  Now I really wish it wasn’t so freaking hot so I could turn on my oven again.

See? I still find ways to mix it up, even if I’m eating the same foods every night. Eggs for dinner.  Hopefully next post I’ll have something a little more interesting to share 😛

Do you eat eggs for dinner? (if you eat eggs, that is.)

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