Random Rambles & Ridiculous Recollections

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Womp – and she’s back again. Just in time to share some things coming from my (tiny) kitchen.

IMG 9063

brown rice tortilla flatbread w/ hummus, TJ’s smoked trout, tomatoes, cracked pepper.  side of snow peas.

I truly wish I had something more interesting to share, but school and job-searching has pretty much taken over my life.

IMG 9064

Super-hungry day dinner – green quinoa, roasted fennel, 2 baked eggs (which I’m seriously loving right now), small serving of ugly veggie pie.

Anyone have a tech-y, analysis job for a soon to be grad with a physics degree?

IMG 9065

a day when I was craving GREEN – massaged kale, green quinoa, cucumbers in there somewhere, cauliflower for crunch, carrot on the side (you can kind of see that)

Plus, I think the internet has heard enough of me complaining about how I can’t run, can hardly walk, or how my foot hurts.  I haven’t been in a great place this week, so I’ve tried to steer clear of the inter webs – mostly blogging.

IMG 9079

passover throwback – bran matzah with Scandinavian-flavored salmon salad.  Must remake this.

I think the most exciting thing I did this week was get a manicure.  You don’t see that everyday, folks. (oh i’m SO not funny.)

IMG 9085

attempted injera-making.  epic texture fail.

IMG 9088

yup, fail. Maybe I’ll try again, but in the meantime I’ll just settle for Ethiopian takeout.

And yes, I’ve eaten take-out and lunches out more than twice this week.  Because sometimes my roommate decides to be awesome and buys us dinner.

IMG 9090

steam-fried kale with coconut oil and tahini.  warming, comforting, nourishing.

Unfortunately, I lost most of my pictures from this week because my phone’s external SD card decided to die on me.  I lost about a week’s worth of pictures!  I feel like some were important, but cannot for the life of me remember what.  I guess that means they weren’t so important?

IMG 9094

baked-egg tortilla pizza (with dairy-free cheeze) – for nights when you need something quick and comfort-y

Speaking of quick, I know I promised a Quick Eats series – I should probably get on that.  Thing is, I make quick, tasty meals nearly every day, but I’m usually 100% focused on make food now, and don’t even think to photograph it to share.  Oops. Life happens.

IMG 9097

who says you can’t have (healthy) dessert for breakfast? oats, banana, almond butter, chocolate chips, with a cinnamon blanket

Last week I made my roommate run to Trader Joe’s this week because I was out of cinnamon, coconut oil, quinoa, tortillas, and salsa.  Because I’m cheap, and a serious Trader Joe’s fangirl.  It was glorious.  I haven’t been there in over three weeks now.  Craziness.

IMG 9100

too lazy to dirty a dish – eat salad out of leftover greens containers. greens, avocado, beets, tempeh, tahini dressing, sprouted tortilla on the side.

I’m surely not alone on the eating-out-of-containers thing.  Living (practically) alone has made my manners beyond awful.  I kind of not-so-secretly love it.

20130402 200732

roasted plantains, spinach and mashed salmon burgers.

I’m done with college in a month. I graduate in nearly 5 weeks holy crap life is happening.  See why I don’t blog that often?  This is what usually goes through my head.

20130403 084036

acai bowls!  I’m down to my last acai smoothie pack, what a sad day!

Oh, and I almost forgot – I have a ridiculous story to share.  It’s kind of embarrassing, actually, but oh well.  So, as part of my injury diagnosis, my doctor did full metabolic blood panels to check some nutrient and hormone levels in my blood (to help get a better understanding of what put me at risk for a stress fracture). At the beginning of last week, I get an email from the doc that I thought read:

“All levels are below normal. Still waiting on VitD.”

WHAT.  My first thought – ‘I’m deficient in EVERYTHING? But I eat SO well! How is that even possible?’ And then I proceeded to get super depressed and freak out for 3 days straight.  I even looked at all the specific results, and the all seemed to be in the normal range.  I was super confused.  So I messaged my doctor again, and he pointed that the previous message read:

“All levels below are normal

Wow, Rachel.  Just, wow.  To say I was relieved was an understatement.  I then told all my friends and family and they all laughed hysterically.  Yup, I need to learn to read more carefully, and not doubt myself so much.  In other news, my vitamin D levels are apparently dangerously low, and I’m now on a prescription for 50,000 IU per week. Holy vitamin D.

So, that’s my exciting life right now.  Ha!

Do you eat out of containers to save dishes?

What was the most exciting thing you did this week? (Manicures don’t count! :-P)

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4 thoughts on “Random Rambles & Ridiculous Recollections

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Aww honey, I know how it is! Don’t stress about being MIA…you’ve got enough to deal with right now. And perhaps this is just your body’s way to telling you that you need to slow down and appreciate a little time to yourself before the stress comes after graduation? And you know what else? I bet the fact that you’re low on Vit D is playing a role in all of this…

    Let me know if you need to just vent about things…I’m only an email away! 😀
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..M is for MondayMy Profile


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