Juice Me, NYC!

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Fresh juice.  It’s all the rage these days.  I’m not going to go in detail about the (supposed) benefits of juicing, because if you read this blog chances are you already know all about it.  If not, just google it.  Not hard.

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I don’t know if I fully believe that fresh veggie juice is the miracle cure for all ailments (do a scientific study and show me statistics – then I’ll accept it as cold hard fact), but I do know that I love it and it makes my insides happy. Unfortunately juicing is expensive whether you’re buying or making your own.

In an ideal world, I’d have infinite time and money to have my own juicer and be able to buy 9876765 pounds of fresh produce to juice every day.  But that is just not realistic.  In the meantime, I splurge now and then for someone else to make me a cup of liquid awesome.  I’ve enjoyed my juices for a few years now, so it’s about time for me to share some of my favorite juice spots in NYC.

Juice Generationthe best of everything.

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They have everything from juices, to smoothies, to prepared food (from raw vegan to chicken salads – all organic!), to whole young coconuts, to acai bowls and more.

20130223 142855

I’m a huge fan of their amazing green acai bowl – it makes awesome running fuel!

20130302 143241

20130302 143930

20130317 143619

And for a treat every now and then, I’ll get a peanut butter split smoothie – with almond milk, hold the agave.  Banana makes it sweet enough!  This is basically a vegan peanut butter milkshake, pretending to be healthy.  And it’s oh-so-good, and much better than a traditional milkshake, so who really cares.

IMG 2436

But, my all-time favorite is the supa-dupa greens juice.  It’s the best energy booster!

2011 10 03 17 28 40

I was introduced to this new Raw Crunch bar there too – they have a whole array of delicious looking raw vegan snacks!

2011 12 13 15 23 55

They also have an array of pressed juices that always look fabulous – but I usually go for the fresh ones because they’re slightly cheaper.

One day, I’d like to do a short juice cleanse.  One day when I can afford it (or if any juice company decides to sponsor me!).

2012 10 05 14 29 40

They a number of locations, including one that’s super close to NYU, and on my walk to/from work.  It’s easily the most convenient.  Also slightly dangerous for my wallet.

2012 10 18 13 27 25

Love my greens!

2012 10 18 13 33 32

This location is also right across the street from a chocolate shop.  Green juice and chocolate? Why the hell not.

Liquiteria – the would-be favorite.

2011 12 20 14 54 58

I used to like right near Liquiteria, but that was when I first moved to NYC for school, and I didn’t know much about juice or smoothies or anything really health-food related.

But I have had my fair share of liquiteria goodness – but not as many green juice pictures.

IMG 1855

In general, I actually prefer their “liquid meals” (smoothies).  They always come out super thick with exactly the right mix of ingredients.  A fantastic breakfast on-the-go.

Organic Avenue – something to be desired.

2012 09 20 13 00 50

I will be the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of organic avenue.  Yes, their juice is delicious! But, it’s pricier than the previously mentioned juice bars, and they don’t do made-to-order juices.  Plus, there isn’t really anything to set this place apart from the others (for me – some people live by this place!).

Hole-in-the-wall Deli Juice Bars – the hidden gem.

2012 08 10 11 18 01

I’m hardly a juicing elitist.  As long as the produce is fresh, clean, and preferably organic, I’m good to go.

2012 07 05 14 24 18

My favorite juice bars are the ones run out of a little deli or bodega, places where you’d stop for your morning coffee, bagel, or sandwich for lunch.  Juices are usually pretty cheap at places like these, too!

IMG 1529

Bright, shiny, green!  Two of my favorites are Noho Juice Bar on Mercer St. (also near NYU), and the juice bar at 14th st deli (chelsea/meatpacking).  I have visited a number of others while wandering the city, but cannot for the life of me remember them all.

Others to mention: The Juice Press – haven’t tried it, but I live right near there.  It’s still pricier than my favorites, so I think I’ll hold off for now.  You can also get juices at Dig Inn (which I also haven’t tried, it’s not near me), and buy BluePrint juices at Whole foods which are fantastic.  These are only the ones I know of off the top of my head – there are many, many more I haven’t even touched on!

Are you a fan of the juice? What’s your favorite?

NYC friends – have you tried any of these places? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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