Quick Eats. A Series?

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Time. The ULTIMATE commodity when you’re a student.  You feel like you never have enough of it, and when you finally find some free, it’s practically gone in an instant.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my (way too many) years as a student, it’s that I need to plan my time, or there really isn’t enough of it.  That goes for everything from schoolwork and errands to workouts and food.  Especially if you’re like me, and staying fit and healthy is important to you.

I pack healthy lunches, and work out between classes.  The number one question I get from my classmates: how do you have time for these things? The answer – I make time.  Simple as that.

Well, that, and I’ve got the get-dinner-together in 20 minutes flat down to a science. (Or an art. Not actually sure which this qualifies as).  And that does not count just putting things on toast and calling it a day.  Although my mom says I could write a book about that alone.  Except it’s probably been done.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share some of my “wealth”.  And possibly make it a series on this blog – something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  I guess this is a test run:

IMG 8997

What’s in it:

  • baked plantain chips
  • steam/sauteed broccoli
  • fried eggs with hot sauce

How it came together:

  • as soon as you get home: TURN ON THE OVEN to 400F. ( Then take your coat off, shoes off, pants off, or whatever it is you do when you fet home from work/school)
  • prepare your baking sheet, cut your plantains, lightly coat with oil place in the oven (should by hot by then)
  • go do something else for 10 minutes (check instagram, write an email, anything)
  • flip the plantains, put them back in the oven.
  • grab broccoli from the fridge. cut into bite sized pieces.  heat a little oil on a skillet, add broccoli and toss to coat.  add seasoning of choice (garlic salt, pepper, chili powder), Tbs of veg broth or water, cover and steam for 5 mins.
  • plate your broccoli.
  • fry two eggs in a touch of coconut oil.
  • plate your eggs.
  • take your plantains out of the oven, plate and serve.
  • EAT.
So how’s that for you, simple enough?  How about another (very similar) one?

20130302 200130

What’s in it:

  • sweet potato wedges
  • steam-fried greens with tahini/miso/honey mustard
  • curry frittata

How it came together:

  • as soon as you get home: TURN ON THE OVEN.
  • prepare your baking sheet, cut your sweet potato, lightly coat with oil place in the oven (should by hot by then)
  • go do something else for 10 minutes
  • stir/flip the potatoes, put them back in the oven.
  • beat 2 eggs with some curry powder, garlic salt, paprika, and nutritional yeast (optional).  heat a bit of oil in a small pan over med/low heat.  pour in egg mixture, cover and cook until cooked through, 5-7 minutes
  • fold and plate your frittata.
  • heat some water in your pan (med heat), add a handful or two of greens, cover and cook until just wilted.  plate ’em.
  • take your sweet potatoes out of the oven, plate ’em.
  • mix together a bit of tahini, miso paste, honey, mustard, and a bit of vinegar (optional).  dump over greens and save extra for dipping.
  • EAT.

These are not recipes.  Simply a peek inside how I make my balanced, simple, healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen.  Yes, college students, it’s possible.  It just takes a little practice.

I’d love to hear from you – are you interested in QUICK EATS as a series?

[[P.S. – I’ve gotten a message or two saying that some people are having trouble commenting on my posts.   If you are, can you please email me at eatlearndiscover[at]gmail[dot]com! or tweet me @eatlrndiscover!  I want to fix this ASAP.]]

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10 thoughts on “Quick Eats. A Series?

  1. Hollie

    I already absolutely love this and I say yes to making it a series. As someone who works and is hungry when I get home…I do not even want to be waiting all that long for food. I love plantains so I will def be making this soon.
    Hollie recently posted..Spiced Pear WafflesMy Profile

  2. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    I freakin’ LOVE this post!! Especially the whole “take off your coat…pants…whatever” and “go do something for 10 minutes” you had me laughing out loud, girlie! And the funniest thing is this is basically EXACTLY how my dinner tonight went. I posted it on IG and everyone’s like, “ohhhhhh come cook for me!!!” and I’m thinking, uh, yeah, this took like absolutely no skill and about 20 minutes! I didn’t measure a thing (yay for freedom from THAT!) and it was one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in a while!

    Love the idea of the baked plantains. I actually didn’t realize you could bake them…Do they get crunchy? I’ve never even tried cooking with them before since I thought the only real option was frying. Now I want to go to the store and pick one up this weekend. Any tips on selecting the best one at the store? I know some are green and some are kinda black…and I remember reading somewhere that there is a difference, but I can’t remember now (early onset Alzheimer’s) 😉

    And HELL YES to this being a series! Bring ON the food and take OFF the pants!!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Strange, But FREE!My Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      You’re too nice! For making crispy plantain chips definitely buy the GREEN ones. They’re starchier, more like a potato than a banana in texture. They get super crunchy! They appear to be burnt, but certainly don’t taste that way.

      I’m so looking forward to making these posts a regular(ish) thing.

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