A Kink in the Plan

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I’ve intended to write this post for about four days now.  Yes, I know, who cares what I’ve meant to do if it doesn’t show up on the site… Anyway, the point is, this week has been far from great – lots of negative thoughts floating around, and I try as much as possible to keep my posts on the positive side.  Which is really difficult sometimes, but it often forces me to deal with my issues in a more constructive way than just ranting about them on the internet.

20130107 154523

 [[froyo = my savior this week.  might have gone hungry without it]]

I’m generally not very good at dealing with setbacks, and things that get in the way of my “plans” – whether these plans are big, small, long-term, short-term, etc.  I’m not very good at taking things as come, going with the flow.  I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but this is something that I am working on all the time.

20130107 183155

[[soft food dinner that I wish I could have enjoyed more, delicious baked trout]]

This week really threw me for a loop.  After a difficult semester of not really working out, and a bunch of struggles along the way, I was so ready for January, I was so ready to jump in and get my routine going.  I had big plans to start Best Body Bootcamp right after my ski trip, so I wouldn’t be totally out of shape.  But then I got a cold.  And had mouth surgery.

20130109 102954

[[iced coffee, another savior – I couldn’t have hot for a few days]]

20130109 103130

[[scrambled eggs & potatoes – real food!]]

And refused to believe that these things actually take a toll on my body.  Only now that I’m feeling much better do I realize how awful I felt during those few days.  You would NOT have wanted to be around me, I probably would have made you miserable too.

20130108 094443

[[gotta get those greens in somehow]]

But in the thick of it, I wanted life to go on as is nothing was wrong.  I wanted to life to go on as normal – wake up and work out, go about my day, etc.  HELLO, Rachel, you just had surgery.  Yeah, I don’t think doing jumping on my grand plans to “get back in shape” was the best idea at the time.  But I was so stuck in my ways that I refused to believe it.

20130110 154822

[[yup, more froyo.]]

And that’s the hardest thing – in the moment, nobody else can convince me otherwise, I have to see it for myself.  I have to see that letting up on the “plan” is sometimes necessary.  Of course I see that now, but in the moment, I’m blind sighted.  I know it’s no use dwelling on the past, but it’s times like these when I really wish I could have talked to myself a week ago.  I would have told myself what everyone around me kept telling me – to relax and recover!

20130109 182017

[[risotto with squash and carrot purees that turned out really good!]]

Way easier said than done.  But as for now, my whole BBBC experience is definitely not ruined.  Somehow, I still managed to fit in the three strength workouts, and even did some light running today.  This is the first real cardio I have done since surgery,  and I still feel a light throbbing in my mouth when I get my heart rate up.  So no, I’m not following the plan exactly, but I’m being smart about it.  

Relax. Recover.  Then get my body back.

Are you good at being flexible?

Happy sunday!

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