New Adventures: Vail Ski-cation

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Every year, my family (the parents, sister and I) go on our once-a-year ski vacation.  For all of my life, we have gone to Sun Valley, Idaho (last year’s posts: one, two(lots of food in that one!), three(pretty pictures in that one), and four) – but this year we did something a little different.

IMG 8765

Vail, Colorado!

IMG 8756

And it’s so cold here!!  But that’s not to say we’re not having a great time.


Doing as much skiing as we can without freezing our fingers and toes off.

IMG 8769

Wandering the resort towns at the base of the mountain (seriously, some of the developments look like they came straight out of Disney land or something!)

IMG 8745

IMG 8734

Taking ridiculous pictures, and spending some good time with family.

IMG 8761

20121229 153849

and curled up by the fire with cups of tea :-)

Oh, and of course we ate some delicious food, but I’m saving that for a post of its own.

IMG 8725

It’s quite pretty here, but it’s definitely no Sun Valley.  I miss a lot of my favorite places, ski runs, people, and restaurants that I’ve known for years – it feels very weird not  to be there.  It’s been hard to accept that Vail is Vail, nothing more nothing less – and Vail is where we are this year.

Change is good.  New adventures won’t hurt – hey, I might even like it here :-P.  I know how lucky I am to be able to go on yearly ski trips, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.  Two more days of skiing, time to try to get a good night’s sleep and hit the snow tomorrow.

Do you have a family vacation spot that you are very attached to?

Do you ski?  If so, where do you love to go?

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5 thoughts on “New Adventures: Vail Ski-cation

    1. Rachel Post author

      Never been skiing? Oh my, that needs to be remedied. And that’s really awesome that your boyfriend is a national champion skiier – my sister actually just started collegiate ski racing, and it’s really exciting stuff! Way out of my league 😉

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