WIAW: Use it Up and Bake Away!

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Oh hello there, Chicago!  Yes, despite not being done with all my finals work for the semester, I’m already gone for the longest winter break ever.  (Hey, no complaints here).

Anyway, this has been a whirlwind of a semester, and I’m quite ready to write about myself and my semester yet.  For now, I’m re-joining Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party!

My last couple weeks of eats in NYC were slightly weirder than usual because I was in “use up the fridge” mode.  Since I’m going to be away from New York for over a month (craziness!), I really had to eat up everything – so my last couple of days worth of random snacking and meals out went un-photographed (well, some were instagrammed).  But despite the end of semester craziness, I managed to capture some of my concoctions.

IMG 8653

Almond butter & FROG (preserves) with runny yolks, served over coconut millet-quinoa porridge.  I also added chipotle Cholula hot sauce.

20121210 115222

Seriously, I can put this stuff on everything. It’s like crack. (excuse the blurry I’m-so-happy-I-found-more-of-this-must-text-my-friends-about-it picture)

IMG 8654

Part of using up the fridge? Must roast allthevegetables!  Also because I just love roasted veggies.  Leeks and brussels roasted in maple and balsamic, carrots and parsnips with EVOO and sage, krispy kale, lentils on the side and tahini sauce for veggie-dipping.

IMG 8655

Bring on the vegetables!  More brussels and leeks, plus peppers and mushrooms, add lentils, dump on a tortilla, and I have no idea what kind of meal to call this. Oh well.

IMG 8656

More krispy kale. Mmm I love kale.

IMG 8659

…and more kale! this time with tempeh stir-fry thing.  I think I just dumped in whatever random veg I had left?

IMG 8662

Eventually had to break out the frozen stuff – vegan veggie burger, side of greens, and a crap-ton of roasted sweet potato.

20121209 203758

Soup!  It has made its return to my life in full force. Mmm warm things in cold weather.  Butternut squash soup, beefed up with napa cabbage, lentils, and toasted sage.  Eaten with toast.  Two nights in a row.

IMG 8663

The last of the randoms – chopped cabbage, end of the sweet potatoes, peppers, hummus dressing.

Some other things I had to use up?  A whole lot of flour, sugar, and butter that was set to expire (and just taking up too much room in the pantry 😉 ).  Plus, I needed a little creative escape from studying that would take away too much of my time.  Oh, and an excuse to use these babies:

IMG 8660

Why yes, those would be All-Clad stainless measuring cups!  Hanukkah present from the roommate.

IMG 8661

Apparently I was too excited to take a clear picture.

But, I had to get my vegan baking on (I had already used up the eggs, so vegan they had to be!)

IMG 8664


IMG 8671

double chocolate mint.

IMG 8677

and walnut-thumbprint with FROG.  Holy yum on accounts!  I used recipes, but changed a few things here and there – the main thing was subbing out almond flour for half the regular flour and decreasing the amount of liquid.  Slightly more nutritious cookies (HA!), but delicious treats nonetheless.

IMG 8674

Some of which were enjoyed with a side of this delicious dairy-free nog.  I’m not allowed to buy this until next year.

Are you baking this holiday season? What are you making?

What’s your favorite way to use up the contents of your fridge?

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