Makin’ & Bakin’

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No, not bacon.  Sorry, I don’t roll that way. (I’m not funny. oh well)

But, there’s one thing I really do love to do now, it’s baking.  I took some time off from baking, for a number of reasons.  The main few: a) I couldn’t really afford to spend the extra money on supplies b) I couldn’t afford the time, and c) I wanted to cut back on my sugar consumption.

IMG 8557

But, after putting my baking pants on a little while ago, I’m rethinking that decision.  Again, for a few reasons: a) I eat baked goods all the time anyway, so it’s probably better that they’re homemade b) I love sharing treats with my friends and family, and c) it’s just too much fun!

IMG 8558

(check out my NYC back yard – pretty ridiculous, right?)

So, while I haven’t made any of my own recipes lately, I’ve been enjoying others’ (and modifying them a bit here and there).

IMG 8555

These wonderful cookies are a version of Angela’s gluten free and vegan chocolate chip cookies (make with trail mix instead of just chocolate chips!).  SO good!  I brought most of these to some friends, and none of them could tell they were vegan and gluten-free.

IMG 8565

the Twins’ protein thin mints – I have no idea why I never made these before.

IMG 8625

What? that’s not food!  No it’s not – but I still made it. I used to knit a ton, and over thanksgiving break I decided to try my hand at making a headband/ear warmer.  Definitely needs some work, but not bad for a first try!

IMG 8627

I gave it to the sister. Who makes an awesome model.

IMG 8628

Haha. She might kill me for this one.

IMG 8639

Vegan cheezy spaghetti with roasted brussels sprouts! The cheeze sauce loosely based off of Megan’s recipe.

IMG 8640

And, saving the best for last – the most amazing gluten-free & vegan banana bread! (Thank you Carla)

IMG 8641

Banana-bread-loving, gluten-free roommate approved as well (that’s the only real reason I’ve made things gluten-free and vegan, so I can share with anyone, dietary restrictions aside – plus, I see it as a challenge!).

IMG 8647

I went a little heavy on the nutmeg, but it still tasted amazing. Probably because of those super soft bananas and perfectly toasted walnuts ;-P

I also made some mocha-chip muffins for my physics friends, but somehow they managed to escape the camera…

And that’s it for now!  Hopefully I’ll have time to get my cookie-baking on within the next few days.  Yay for homemade holiday gifts.

What have you made/baked recently?

Any new favorite cookies recipes to share? I’m looking for ideas, links welcome!

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