Thanks ‘n Things

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Wow, you guys really know how to make a girl feel better! Thanks for your comments on the last post, I’m just about over this cold/sick thing (finally!).  These guys have been my best friends for the past week or so:

IMG 8630

IMG 8597

Yeah, I know the sinus rinse thing can be a little gross… but it WORKS.  It’s totally natural (just salt water), and loosens up all the stuff in there.  I discovered this a while back, and use it every time I get a head cold or sinus thing.

Okay, now some more important things – thanksgiving weekend!  I went home to my family in Chicago for about five days, and it was go go go the whole time. So let’s start from the beginning.

20121120 171057

I grabbed these at Walgreens for a snack on the plane – and omigod, I’m so glad this package was single serving.  These are so good!

20121121 113416

Beautiful Chicago fall leaves – this is the one thing I really miss now that I live in NYC.  Not enough colors!

Now, thanksgiving morning, I ran the Turkey Day 5k!  If you recall, this race last year was my first ever.

20121122 094319

Sweaty after picture with my cousin (left), and sister (right).  I finished in 29:57 which is a PR, because I’ve never raced a 5k! I was more focused on just having fun and running, so I’m pretty sure I could beat that.  Also, the course was almost 3.3 miles according to multiple GPS watches/apps.  Ahh well, it was fun!

And now, food!

20121122 102538

The cousins brought some Great Harvest pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  Holy pumpkin yum!  And not too sweet, as well.  I really wish there was a Great Harvest bakery near me.

20121122 102620

post race breakfast! Chai spice oats with apples and almond butter.  Starting the day off just like any other.  Then there was lunch (no pictures), a long car ride, and finally, the big meal!

20121122 164314

We had a 25 lb turkey for 22 people.  This thing was huge!

IMG 8601

Hi, dad!  He was given the task of carving the turkey.  And did a bang-up job 😉

IMG 8600

Mom’s contribution – the sweet potato casserole! Marshmallows perfectly golden brown.

IMG 8606

There was a brisket… (hey, we’re Jews – what’s a festive meal without one?) but I didn’t have any.

IMG 8607

Turkey-stuffed cabbage rolls – I had half of one, I love cabbage rolls! I must get a good veggie recipe for these.

IMG 8608

The spread! lots of roasted/ grilled veggies in the corner…

IMG 8609

My plate!  Load up on the veggies (I genuinely love grilled and roasted veg, I have no qualms about eating whatever I wanted) and some other good stuff, and went back for more stuffing, veggies, sweet potatoes and cabbage rolls.

So good, and didn’t overdo it.  Perfectly full – but with room for dessert of course.

IMG 8610

Mom’s chocolate chip cookies (half whole wheat, tons of chocolate).  I lost count of how many I ate.

IMG 8613

Bubi’s apple tart – so delicious!

IMG 8612

And two fantastic pies made by my Aunt.  100% from scratch, the best (only) way to do it.

IMG 8615

My plate! I went back for more pecan pie (it had lots of nuts and chocolate) and apple tart.

I didn’t over-stuff myself, and left feeling a little too full, but just the way it should be on thanksgiving.  Oh man, I have so much more delicious food to share from my trip home, but this post is already long enough.  So stay tuned!

How was your thanksgiving? DId you overeat? or get it just right?

Favorite thanksgiving dessert? Mine is usually the pumpkin pie, but this year the pecan pie won!

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7 thoughts on “Thanks ‘n Things

  1. Devon @ Health in Equilibrium

    You’re back! Glad you’re feeling better :) That spread looks amazing! I’m glad you had your fill. In my opinion, overeating on Thanksgiving is the only way to do it, meaning that overeating is getting it just right, meaning that you’re not overeating, you’re eating the right amount for Thanksgiving…I’ll stop now.
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