Foodie Lately: Autumn Lovin’ Meals

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Oh, hey there.  Sorry there, little blog – I hate neglecting you like this.  But the less often I post, the more material I have and the less I want to start a post. (Hi, my name is Rachel and I make excuses). Vicious cycle.

Now broken!

How about some pictures of delicious food? Those are always a winner around here…


first up, I’m still going strong with the #plantPOWER challenge – and loving it.  I’m not eating 100% plant-based, but at least one meal a day is completely vegan.  I’m posting most of my pictures on instagram (username: eatlearndiscover) and twitter.

[[side note – even though I’m not blogging as much, I still love interacting with you all on twitter/instagram/facebook – so find me there!]]

IMG 8456

Healthy pumpkin french toast.  I’m officially waist deep in pumpkin everything.

2012 09 13 15 44 27

Like these k-cups.  The roommate’s Keurig has saved me many a morning.  Mmm pumpkin.

IMG 8457

Anyone ever seen a red banana? Found them at the local coop – the riper ones have some berry-like undertones.  Odd, but good – hey, what could be bad about bananas?!

IMG 8468

Speaking of which… simple banana/PB oats are back, in full force!  There is just no better breakfast when you wake up craving something warm and hearty.  With these colder october temps, this breakfast hits the spot (with cinnamon piled on top).

IMG 8473

Savory oats, too!  If you haven’t tried this, do it.  Served with perfectly fried eggs with runny yolks.

IMG 8509

My favorite #plantPOWER dinner! Roasted veg, including japanese white flesh sweet potato, baby eggplant, fennel and red pepper, with lentils and kale sautéed in marinara sauce, tahini drizzled on top.  I was SO full after this!  Which says a lot – I am definitely a volume eater, so this is a true feat!

Ooh and I may have a new recipe for you…

IMG 8506

… another day!  It’s not too pretty, but it sure is tasty.  Hints: vegan. pumpkin. spicy. savory. hearty. #plantPOWER – interested?

What fall food are you loving on HARD?

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7 thoughts on “Foodie Lately: Autumn Lovin’ Meals

    1. Rachel Post author

      Thanks, Tessa! (p.s. – I hope all is well with you dear, i’m still reading your blog which is fabulous as always, just haven’t had time to dedicated to commenting!)


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