Things, Lately: Stepping Back

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I took on a lot this semester.  Challenging classes (with lots of  long-term projects = ahh), part-time job at a café, singing in choir, blogging, trying to get enough sleep, doing workouts, starting to prepare for after graduation (again ahh), family, having a life – all this while trying to stay sane.

Let’s just say it’s not all happening. And I have to admit to myself that it’s not all going to happen.

So here is what has been happening lately – some fun, some not-so-much:

IMG 8264

Throwing things on a wrap and calling it lunch.

IMG 8265

Eating at restaurants.  I found myself on the upper west side this weekend, and was really excited that I go to eat at Josie’s!

IMG 8266

seven grain bread and mashed sweet potato.

IMG 8268

butternut squash ravioli.  I have to say, I had really high expectations for the place, and it was good – but not amazing.  I’d definitely still go back if I was in the neighborhood, but next time I’m going to try the veggie plate (saw it on a neighboring table, looked much more up my alley)

IMG 8269

Froyo.  Necessary. (16 handles is the greatest)

IMG 8396

Chocolate.  Eaten way too fast. I love stone ground chocolate.

IMG 8403

A huge ripoff, but a delicious one! It’s just coconut flakes roasted with some sugar and salt, and would be so much cheaper to make at home.

IMG 8404

That didn’t stop me from eating the entire bag in one sitting…

IMG 8398

Easy, thrown-together meals – tortilla pizza!

IMG 8399

folded in half to make eating easier

IMG 8401

pre-prepped egg muffins for this week’s breakfasts on-the-go.

IMG 8405

As some of you probably know, Rosh Hashana (the Hebrew new year) was yesterday.  I wrote a post about it last year, which included my recipe for a traditional honey cake.  Although it would have been so much tastier and healthier to make my own, baking is one of those things I just don’t have time for.  This pre-packaged cake did the trick this time around.

Also happening lately:

  • skipping workouts – as much as I love a good stress-relieving sweat session, if finding time for a workout is causing me more stress, it’s not worth it.  I’m still staying active, and walking everywhere.
  • takeout/grab-n-go food.  yup, sometimes that extra time spent on cooking and cleaning is worth the money.
  • lots of coffee.  I’m trying to limit this to one cup a day, but already it isn’t happening.  I’m going to work on sleeping more!
  • work. school. repeat.  I even went a full 24 hours without a computer (by accident!) because my day was so jam-packed.
  • no gym – I hate to waste the gym membership that I get included with tuition, but home workouts and running save me so much time now that I no longer live in the building with the campus gym.

I’m not going to apologize for complaining about being busy – this isn’t supposed to be a complain-y post.  This blog is my space to share whatever I want, and at the moment, it’s the craziness going on in my life.

That said, I have to take a step back.  I’m only human, and I can’t do it all.  I have to give a few things up, starting with my lowest priority,  which (unfortunately) is this blog.  I love blogging, and really hate that I have to do this, but I feel like if I don’t write about it, then in a sense I’ll still feel obligated to post three times a week or something.

But my schedule can’t really handle that.  Am I giving up the blog all together? Absolutely not.  I love it too much.  But who knows how often I’ll post – maybe my posting won’t change, maybe I’ll do it once a week, maybe twice, maybe twice a month.  The blog should be a “break” for me, not something that has to get done. By writing it here, I’m “freeing” myself to do what I want.

I love this blog world and everything in it – but school and life are more important at the moment.

Dear readers, I do hope you’ll stick around <3

How do you deal with “not enough hours in the day” situations?

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8 thoughts on “Things, Lately: Stepping Back

  1. Linz @ Itz Linz

    l’shana tova!! mmm honey cake! i need to check out your homemade version! i set priorities because there is never enough time in the day! i workout before school (work) becuase that’s the only time i know i’ll actually do it and it makes me feel so good. then, i blog at night during my “down time.” you know we’ll stick around, girl! :)
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Food OverloadMy Profile

  2. Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    You seriously sound so busy girl! And it seems like stepping back from the blog a bit is a good idea. We wouldn’t want for you to overburden yourself and get too stressed out! And even if you only post once a week, heck even one a month, I’ll still be reading! :) I hope this semester gets easier for you! <3
    Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin recently posted..WIAW #56: Keeping it localMy Profile

  3. Caroline

    Good luck with everything! I definitely have the tendency to take on a lot. I like keeping busy though. Ironically enough, I deal with “not enough hours in the day” by sleeping a full 8 hours! It’s amazing how much quicker you can accomplish things after a good nights sleep!
    Caroline recently posted..Where is the line?My Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Thanks, Caroline! I was definitely looking forward to being busy again, but I think I took on a little too much – and yes, sleep has become a priority for sure, it makes so much of a difference.

  4. Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse

    I know what you mean, sometimes there’s just too much going on and you’re right, the blog should be something you enjoy doing. I only post a couple of times a week now because I don’t want it to be something I’m stressing over… :-)

  5. glidingcalm

    Sounds like you know yourself really well! It’s great that you are acknowledging that you are only one person, and only human, and that you have to “be kind to yourself” (<— my favorite quote from my mama!). It's hard to step feeling like we are always supposed to be doing MORE MORE MORE, but it's good to be able to realize our limits! Sleep, rest, downtime, and a social life are important too!

    also, all the food looks great!! I'm all about tortilla pizzas and froyo! Also those egg muffins look awesome!

    happy rest-of-your week!



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