Not My Best Body

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As you probably know by now, for the last 8 weeks I have been following a fitness plan – specifically, Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp plan.  The last formal workout on the plan was today (Friday), so I thought I’d share my final thoughts on the experience:

  • I didn’t finish strong.  With school starting and things getting crazy in the last 2-3 weeks of the program, I found myself slipping quite a bit.  I skipped nearly all of the cardio (still managed 90% of the strength workouts), and my eating was all over the place (with a few binges in there, boo…)
  • I feel like I was really on my way to being a faster runner, until I pretty much stopped doing the interval workouts – but I was mentally exhausted and my body needed a break
  • I did lose a bit of fat (not gonna say weight because I don’t weigh myself, and am only judging based on looks!  I think this is mostly due to tracking my food with MyFitnessPal.  Which I’m still doing. However, this was a few weeks ago, and since then I think I’ve eaten my way back to where I started, which makes me sad.
  • so much more overall tone!  One thing this plan made me realize is that I really wasn’t training all my muscles equally.  I definitely used to neglect legs and back especially.  This will definitely change now!
  • I now have a great collection of really awesome workouts to add to my arsenal – which will come in handy this year.
  • many of the workouts weren’t that difficult – it was hard to push myself sometimes with no heavy weights available, and no motivating gym environment.
  • that said, I loved the support of the online community!
  • I missed high intensity strength workouts and heavy lifting – although I’ve come to realize that I can live without the heavy lifting and still keep my strength.
  • I still have that funky imbalance thing I was talking about a while ago (can’t find the post) where the right side of my abs/shoulders/back is much tighter and more muscular than the left.  It got a little better after some boot camp training, but still there.  A visit to the chiropractor might be on my agenda soon.
  • I miss fitness classes. And yoga classes.
  • Actually, I did as many yoga classes as I could afford to (yes, I’m talking money here), because I absolutely love how it makes me feel and what it does for my body.
  • I was never bored with the BBB workouts, they were always different and interesting.

Overall, the program was so worth it, and only costs $25 for an 8 week program! it’s a steal, I tell you!  I wish I had the mental energy to be more committed to it, but at this point in my life, school and life takes precedence over a workout or two.  I’m hoping to take part in a future round of this bootcamp, or maybe I’ll re-do the plan on my own some day.

So thank you Tina for putting this together! I really enjoyed it, I only wish I could have been more committed through the end.  Hopefully next time, I’ll be at a more stable point in my personal/social/academic life that I can afford the commitment without any extra stress.

Have you ever followed a fitness plan?

If so, did you notice good progress?

[[For those interested – my other BBB posts:

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3 thoughts on “Not My Best Body

  1. Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    Kudos for giving this plan a shot girl – it must have been tough to balance it with all your other commitments! Even if you couldn’t follow it 100%, it sounds like you still saw some great results! :)

    I’ve never followed a fitness plan before. I like the flexibility of doing my own thing. But I’ve been thinking a plan might be a good thing for me to try because I need to switch things up and challenge myself more!
    Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin recently posted..GoodLife Masonville ReviewMy Profile

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