WIAW – Not Fall-ing yet!

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As much as I love Fall, I’m so not ready for summer to be over yet!  My transition to school this year was a weird one.  I usually move back to school about a week before classes start, so I have time to get situated before jumping in.  This year, I didn’t have to move back (stayed in NYC for the summer), but I returned to the city at 1:30am the night before classes started.  So I literally had no time at all to prepare.

Needless to say, I’ve been a bit all over the place the past few days, and have not had much time for normal life things. Like sleep. Or working out.  Or grocery shopping.  I need to get a new routine going, because I can already feel the craziness wearing me down.  Talk to me in a few weeks.

Right. What I Ate. Since I haven’t had any time to take pictures of eats within the last three days, I thought I’d share my labor day weekend food adventures.  The last blast of summer.

(today, this button lies. I promise I’ll do it next time)

IMG 8201

Tuna salad salad from Panini Panini in Michigan City.

IMG 8202

one of the most delicious slices of carrot cake I’ve had in a while! all it was missing was some nuts…

IMG 8203

mom ‘n dad’s cedar plank salmon (mom preps, dad grills.  one of the perks of being home)

IMG 8205

with rachel-made salad and broccoli.

IMG 8206

bratwurst (yes, it’s been a while), pickles, tomatoes, more salad.  grilled brats were always lunch on weekends at the beach house, and this time I really wanted one. craving satisfied.

IMG 8225

our contribution to the Labor Day BBQ – homemade hummus and pita chips! and carrots of course

0f5d0748f5fc11e1a44612313804e8c1 7

a strangely delicious salad from a local chicago restaurant – it was supposed to be hangar steak, but I got grilled salmon instead.  and omigod those crispy chickpeas were delicious!

Did you have any great eats over the holiday weekend?

Are you holding on to summer, or embracing fall?

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