Monday Musings: I Talk About Food Too Much

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Oh hey, Monday – we meet again.  These days you’re not much different from any other day, at least not until school starts again (next week – my school is weird).  Not really much happening around here, but enough for a few Monday Musings:

1. I have professed my love for avocado many times over twitter and instagram – but check this guy out!

IMG 8145

He’s giant! and perfectly ripe. And so delicious in my tummy.

2. Slow cooked dinners are amazing.  Sure, I really wouldn’t call it real cooking but that doesn’t mean it’s not real food – and delicious!

IMG 8157

I used this recipe, substituting olive oil for butter, red potatoes for white, and adding garlic.  Plus massaged kale salad on the side.  Made for a great Friday evening shabbat dinner with the roommate and his cousin!

3.  Oh! Nuts reminded me why I don’t ever buy pistachios – once I start eating them, I can’t stop! I never crave them, really, but they’re addicting once you start eating them.

IMG 8160

I’m just glad this bag was small 😛  Thanks for the sample (from the HLS swag bag), Oh Nuts!

4.  Fried eggs!  These days I can’t get enough eggs – maybe because they’re on of the cheapest complete protein sources.  So I can get a ton of protein and other nutrients for less that 50cents a serving.

IMG 8162

Also, runny yolks make awesome salad dressing.

5. I’m finally turning into a real human being!  I mentioned a little while ago that I moved again, and since then, I’ve been living out of a suitcase – not fun.  But, I finally got a dresser!

2012 08 23 15 43 05

I scored this guy at a Salvation Army thrift store – not the prettiest, but it’s in good condition, and I don’t have to worry about putting it together.  You have no idea how excited I am about having my clothes in drawers! (too excited)

5.  My best runs are always on low-energy days.  Last thursday, I pretty much felt like crap all day, and was considering putting off my workout – but I knew it was more a mental thing then anything, my body was totally fine!  So I laced up my running shoes, telling myself I’ll just do a couple of easy miles – and I ended up busting out a nearly 6 mile interval run.  How’s that for the power of exercise?

2012 08 23 18 34 05

Not to mention awesome views of the bridges on the East River at sunset (hey there, Williamsburg).

6.  When my life is boring, the blog gets boring.  And I hate to say it, but at the moment life isn’t giving me a ton of things to ramble about.  I wish I could share all kinds of fabulous things going on, but there just haven’t been that many.  I’m actually really excited for school to start again, because then I’ll be busy and have things to do all the time.  And hopefully I’ll have things to talk about on the blog as well!

7.  Speaking of things to talk about on the blog – I’m heading home to Chicago tomorrow for a week with the family before school starts!  I know I’ve mentioned that I’m sick of moving around, but I’m always really excited for quick trips – bring on the beach and labor day barbecue!

8.  I’m also getting my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday.  Smoothie diet, here I come!  I’m actually considering traveling with my Magic Bullet…

That’s all for now – happy Monday, and have a lovely week!

 Any big plans over labor day?

Fried eggs – love ’em or leave ’em?

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6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I Talk About Food Too Much

  1. Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    Haha I love the title of this post. I talk about food too much too! 😛 But I guess that’s what makes us food bloggers!

    I love fried eggs too. And it’s funny because before this summer I never really ate them that much, but now I can’t get enough of them!
    Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin recently posted..A goodbye dinnerMy Profile


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