Work With What You’ve Got

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Budget.  Cost efficient.  Be resourceful. Use up ingredients on hand.

These are things that are very relevant around here.  Especially since I didn’t have a steady source of income this summer, I really have to be careful with my food budget – if I wanted to, I could spend a ton of money on good ingredients.  Mostly because I like so many flavors and cuisines, and love to experiment in the kitchen if I can.

But these days, meals have been a lot of “see what you can make with the few things you have on hand”.  I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Case 1

fridge items: tempeh, carrots. pantry items: cha soba, nori, sesame, seasonings/oils/vinegars.

IMG 8138

meal: sesame soba with stir fried tempeh cubes

IMG 8135

verdict? delicious. not the most produce-heavy, but still reasonably healthy and definitely delicious

Case 2

fridge items: egg whites. pantry items: protein powder, almond flour, spices and things

IMG 8143

meal: simple protein pancake

verdict? I’m not a big pancake person, but it was a filling and tasty breakfast.

Case 3

fridge items: avocado, hummus, random veggies. pantry items: bread, mustard, spices

IMG 8148

meal: toast with smoky hummus/avocado mash and mustard, veggie munchies on the side.

verdict? I should have eaten slower!  I was thoroughly impressed with this lunch.

Case 4

pantry items: things you win/get for free at HLS!

IMG 8149

Wild Harvest popcorn. I want more.

Case 5

Convince your roommate to order Indian food!  (well, it didn’t really take much convincing)

IMG 8151

Mmm tandoori.  I had a chicken craving, and ran with it.  It was so worth it, but I have discovered that I don’t love the way chicken makes me feel. So this probably won’t be a regular occurrence (veggie = lighter), but it was darn tasty.

Then, you go grocery shopping, and have a huge mixing bowl salad with a roasted local eggplant that cost 50 cents at the local coop.  Life is always better with veggies

IMG 8152

You work with what you’ve got.

Do you have any favorite creative budget meals? Links welcome!

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10 thoughts on “Work With What You’ve Got

  1. Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse

    Life is always better with vegetables! This is such a great post though; I’ve been guilty in the past of buying expensive ingredients and not getting my money’s worth when I’ve got plenty at home – and everything you’ve made looks delicious :-)
    Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Green-fingeredMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Yes, Eleanor! Thanks – I love sharing the message that healthy eating really doesn’t need very many special ingredients, just a bit of creativity.


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