HLS 2012 – The Photos that Live

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I’m back in NYC!  After a fantastic weekend at Healthy Living Summit, I couldn’t be more energized and excited about blogging, health, and life.  I met so many inspiring people, chatted with really cool brands, learned a ton at the sessions, and just had fun.

Things I didn’t do?  Take enough pictures.  I always do this – take pictures of the food and scenery as opposed to the people.  I guess I’m too busy trying to enjoy the moment?  (<–I’m running with that one)

Anyway, here’s a look at the photos I did manage to snap.

IMG 8055

Kicking off the weekend with a mini-mingle, hosted by Katelyn and Clare.

IMG 8056

tasty-looking treats!  (but I hadn’t had real lunch yet, and that’s what I was after)

IMG 8059

hungry for lunch!  This hummus = amazing.

IMG 8060

Can you say SWAG?! A few things got left because of limited suitcase space :-(  More thoughts on this stuff later!

IMG 8062

One of the softest shirts ever, and Realflex shoes from Reebok!  I’m not usually a pink girl, but these are growing on me.

IMG 8067

The first night was the cocktail party, hosted by Rebootizer.  Interesting stuff, will let you know when I try it – but was great to chat with the company reps!

I really wish I had some pics of the cocktail party – I promise I was really there!

IMG 8077

Of course there was wine, and a few appetizers as well (photos didn’t come out great, but there wasn’t a ton there)

IMG 8080

The next morning started with a visit to some of the sponsor booths!

IMG 8081

Reebok = awesome!  Fun fact – my mom has been buying Reebok shoes forever, and as much as I used to like how comfortable they were, they  used to be just plain ugly.

But not anymore!

IMG 8084

Odd picture, but true facts.  Without fitness, I feel blah.  With fitness I feel strong, like I can take on anything.

IMG 8089

The first morning’s breakfast was sponsored by Wild Harvest.

IMG 8097

I got a sampling of the goodies – gotta have a taste of everything!

IMG 8101

A visit and quick chat with the gold sponsors – we have to work on getting you guys into NYC stores!

IMG 8106

After a morning Crossfit workout and sessions (more on those later), it was time to break for a delicious lunch!

IMG 8113

I was seriously impressed!  Salad with tomato and avocado, vegan lentil chili (I need this recipe – did any of you HLSers snag it?), gluten free naan, and the most delicious piece of grilled pesto chicken I’ve had in a while.

For those of you that read regularly, you’ll know that I am very picky about my meat sources – but this was supposedly free range and organic, and I was craving some high quality protein, so I thought I’d give it a try.  So worth it!

After some more sessions, another quickie workout, and snacks, it was time to clean up for the evening.

IMG 8122

My roomies and I, waiting for the shuttle to take us into Cambridge for dinner!  Katie, Julia, Tessa, me.  These girls are so sweet and fun – glad I got to spend time with you this weekend.

IMG 8125

A group of 10 of us (including some Reebok CrossFit guys) hit up a little sushi restaurant.  I never say no to Japanese food.

And after, there was froyo.

IMG 8128

I mean, really? How could we have a blogger event without at least one froyo outing?! It just doesn’t happen.

This morning started bright and early with a 5k fun run/walk – I was itching to run, and the view along the river was fantastic.  Then we headed to our last breakfast and farewells.

There is so much more to write about this conference, but I’m saving most of the word-heavy stuff for tomorrow.  Until then, goodnight!

Have you ever gone to a blogger conference? thoughts?

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