WIAW – Real Meals, What?

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Sorry, Jenn – I’m really not doing so well with this month’s What I Ate Wednesday theme.  The moving craziness is finally slowing down, but I hadn’t done any real grocery shopping yet (just a few runs to the corner grocery store), so yesterday’s eats were whatever I could get my hands on that was reasonably healthy.

IMG 8038

delicious, juicy mango, after my Best Body Bootcamp interval run.

IMG 8039

and a protein bar to hold me over until I could get something more substantial to eat.

IMG 8040

Because I was so good for most of the summer, I decided to stop at Whole Foods to pick up some food (and coffee! but you know what that looks like already) for second breakfast and lunch.  second breakfast – eggs and salsa, summer squash.

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lunch!  holy box of yum.  I don’t even remember all that I put in there.

PS – not that anyone cares, but the majority of my lunch photos are instagrammed, because it’s easier to be sneaky with my phone camera than my real camera.

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since it was my last day of the internship, my co-workers took me out for froyo!  We went to 16 handles, hands down one of the best places in the city.  They had salted caramel flavor – and I don’t usually do flavors (I like my Eurotart), but this one was really good!  Half eurotart, half salted caramel with berries, chocolate things, and peanut butter on top.

I will always love froyo.

IMG 8041

I wasn’t really hungry after that froyo trip and big lunch, and after some cleaning and organizing, I needed something to munch on.  Enter: snow peas!

(after a Trader Joe’s trip, of course)

IMG 8042

Then this happened. Ate the whole bag. Oops (but not really).

IMG 8043

I needed something with more nutrients, so I grabbed a veggie burger from the box I bought the other day.  These are probably the best packaged veggie burgers out there.  They’re super clean (no weird ingredients), have a decent amount of protein, and full of flavor! I love that they’re quinoa based, too.

IMG 8044

Although not very pretty.  With salsa, because it’s delicious. (Salsa > Ketchup)

IMG 8049

dessert – spoonful of this new-to-me nut butter!  since I’m trying to stay on a tighter budget, I only buy maximum two nut butter jars at a time.  My almond butter is on its last leg and I’ve been eyeing this guy for a while, so I went for it.  So. good.  Let’s hope I can make it last longer than a week.

I think it’s safe to say my eating was all over the place today, as the only real meal was lunch – but that doesn’t matter, because I listened to my body.  In the past, I probably would have come home and made a big dinner just because “I have to eat dinner”.  But no, I took the time to assess my hunger, and was very proud of myself that I did not overeat.  I owe this in part to tracking my food, as it’s really helped me think about whether I actually need to eat, or if I just feel like I should eat.  I’m close to healthy balance than I ever have been, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Do you eat full, real meals?

Any awesome new healthy products you’ve found lately?

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