Fit Talk and Foodie Friends

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Blah.  I’ve had a rather crazy day (I promise one day I’ll explain), but right now all I want to do is talk about things that make me happy at the moment –  fitness and food.

First, let’s talk fitness and Best Body Bootcamp.

  • I don’t work my legs enough – doing the bootcamp workouts has made me realize that I really need to strength train my legs more!  I just enjoy upper body and core training so much more, but I can already feel my legs getting stronger with these workouts.
  • my core and shoulders are uneven – I’ve felt this for a while, and I think it got worse when I was doing all those body pump and barbel workouts this winter (they were just so fun!).  the bootcamp workouts this far have used dumbbells or focus on isometric moves to help correct imbalances.  But I’m still considering going to a chiropractor if the imbalance doesn’t go away soon.
  • I’m already reaping the benefits of food tracking – as I mentioned last week, I started tracking my eats with MyFitnessPal, and I’m already learning so much, and feeling great.  More on this later!
  • I need to cut sugar – one of the things I’ve learned from food tracking, is that I eat a lot of sugar.  Most of it comes from fruit (what can I say, I really like sweet fruits!) but also from snack bars, and little tastes of sugary things (darn snack closet at work) and added sugar in certain products.  I generally avoid anything packaged that has added sugar, but once in a while I buy a nut butter or sauce with it.  No more for a while.
  • I lose my motivation mid-workout – that’s one thing that is really hard for me since I’m gym-less for the summer.  I don’t need the equipment at the gym, but I do miss the motivation and camaraderie of the gym.  and the workout classes.  But doing bootcamp has certainly helped kick up the motivation and hold myself accountable for getting a good workout done.
  • I’m having trouble getting in all my cardio – one thing that’s been a bit hard for me with the bootcamp workouts, is getting cardio in almost every day.  Without a gym membership, the best form of cardio I have available to me is running.  I know my legs, and in order to prevent injury, I just can’t run every day – so I have to be creative.  I save my running for the long interval days, make sure to do a lot of walking on steady state days, and do some jumping jacks and other agility drills for my HIIT cardio.  It works, and I won’t get too broken up if I don’t get my cardio in one day – it’s better than being injured and not being able to do cardio at all.
Now, food.  Not much to report – basically, I love having friends who appreciate good food:

IMG 7947

Veggie dumplings at Spice.

IMG 7948

and tofu red curry (with unpictured brown rice!) SUPER spicy, and fantastic.  Now that’s a way to clean out your digestive system.

IMG 7953

these. hot peppers.  For those who don’t know, Potbelly is a chain of sandwich shops that started in Chicago (my hometown!), and has expanded all over the country.  They now have locations in NYC!  They do have really great ingredients and make a mean sandwich.  But to me, what makes Potbelly sandwiches so awesome are these hot peppers. My friend bought me a jar! Now I need to go make a sandwich.

Any suggestions for me regarding creative cardio that doesn’t involve running?

Do you have a long-term relationship restaurant products? These hot peppers and I go way back!

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8 thoughts on “Fit Talk and Foodie Friends

  1. BrookeNotOnADiet

    Have you thought of doing workout videos? Or if you have a Wii or Xbox Kinect, Dance Central is great and fun. Some of my face cardio vids are Biggest Loser’s Weight Loss Yoga (a bit tougher than regular yoga) and of course Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. You can find stuff on Netflix too! Keep up the awesome work!
    BrookeNotOnADiet recently posted..Back to TrackingMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Ooh thanks for the great suggestion, Brooke! Unfortunately I don’t have any game systems or cardio workout dvds – but I will definitely take a look around youtube and netflix for some other options.

  2. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Thank you for your thoughts on all of this right now,and taking the time to explain how you are feeling right now! I can relate to one major thing here… the sugar intake situation. I eat a lot of sugar as well, like you, a lot comes from fruit.. but also CANDY and dried fruit. I go bonkers with that stuff, and I hate the feeling of not having control with it. Both something we can work on!

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