WIAW – I Love Staples!

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Okay. You have no idea how excited I am about this month’s What I Ate Wednesday theme – Summer Staples!  I’m not sure what you call this (dorky? silly?) but I’m all about staples.  What does that mean? Well, it means that I like having a base of things I can rely on, and when it comes to food, a set of meals and ingredients you always have on hand to make a delicious, healthy meal.

So, thank you Jenn for giving me a chance to show off my staples!

Get excited.

IMG 7934

Breakfast staple: 1c frozen berries, 1 scoop protein powder, frozen spinach, liquid to blend.  Suck down post-run.

IMG 7935

breakfast number 2 (hey, I was hungry!)  egg on toast. eaten on the way out the door (about an hour+ after breakfast #1)

IMG 7938

always a summer staple – Iced coffee!  My once-a-week whole foods coffee.  Don’t know what it is, but it’s just so good!  With a mix of almond and soy milks.

2012 07 31 13 13 57

Lunch! Another staple – zucchini noodles, with the last of my basil avo-mame spread, italian style soysage, and peppers. Italian style goodness!

IMG 7944

Snackage.  Always necessary.

IMG 7939

Dinner featured this staple – Trader Joe’s steamed lentils.  Yes, I know, yell at me for spending extra money on pre-cooked legumes – but to me, time is money. At this point in my life, the extra time I would otherwise spend cooking the dried lentils is worth the extra money for perfectly cooked lentils at my fingertips.

Can you guess what my dinner staple is?

IMG 7941

Giant mixing bowl salad!  Kale, broccoli slaw mix, cucumber, lentils, with my favorite, super healthy “dressing” – hummus and salsa.

IMG 7943

Can you tell i’m excited to dig in?

Okay, side note: look what I finally have!

IMG 7945

Electric kettle!  Within 1 hour of its arrival, I made tea.  And it was glorious.

Want to know what else I have?

IMG 7946

Cable TV!  After a month of living in my current place, thinking that I had no cable connection (I had the tv already), I was fed up with not being able to watch the olympics on primetime and went on a manhunt for a cable outlet.  And found it!  Not sure whether to feel dumb, or super excited.

I’m going with super excited.

What are your healthy staple meals?

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10 thoughts on “WIAW – I Love Staples!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Yup, some days it’s just necessary, Shannon! I quite liked the drink, but it definitely wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting (a good thing!).


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