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 For some reason I’m having the hardest time thinking of how to open this post!  I usually have something pressing on my mind that can’t wait until later in the post, but this week I’m drawing a blank.  I guess all I can say is – TGIW (thank god it’s Wednesday), for a number of reasons.

But, the reason that matters? What I Ate Wednesday. Let’s get to it.


IMG 7844

breakfast = same as last week (I swear I haven’t eaten it every day – actually I haven’t eaten it at all since).  Toast with cocoa protein frosting and frozen (I was out of fresh) berries.

[insert] iced coffee with almond-coconut milk, juicy pink lady apple.

IMG 7842

salad! there are lentils in there, too.  with kale, cucumber, and raw okra (thank you Heather for making me aware of its deliciousness!)

(ha, side note – one of my co-workers asked if I bring some kind of salad every day.  pretty much, and I wouldn’t have it any other way)

[insert] clif builder’s s’mores protein bar. I was ravenous by the time I got off work (forgot to pack afternoon snack), and didn’t want to go grocery shopping hungry.  so I grabbed a bar to hold me over until dinner.

IMG 7845

courtesy of Joe the Trader.  I’ve had this on my mind for a few weeks – no, it’s not particularly healthy, but oh well. Worth it.

IMG 7847

Baked for 20 minutes, tossed on a good, old-fashioned salad of romaine, shredded broccoli, and tomatoes with a simple tahini and vinegar dressing.  I made this guy last, but it didn’t last long enough!

IMG 7849

dessert.  slash pre-dinner snack.  spoon went straight in jar, no shame.


Alright, so it’s the last WIAW where we’re supposed to talk about something fitness, and I can certainly say I loved this theme!  I’m a lot more enthusiastic about fitness in real life than I am on the blog – I guess I just think about food more often!

Two main things I have to say about fitness this week. Number one:

Bootcamp large thumb

I started Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp this week!  And so far, I’m loving it.  I’m actually super excited to be putting my fitness into someone else’s hands, which is something I’ve never done before.  Tina is a certified professional who has designed a program to whip us into shape, and I’m going to follow it as best I possibly can.

Yes, that means there may be a day when I feel like I could have gotten in a “better” workout, or that I’m not doing enough of this or that exercise – but I know there’s a progression to this program, and I’m excited to see what it will do to my body.

Number two:  I’m tracking my food.  [disclaimer: if talk of counting calories is triggering to you in any way, you may not want to read on]  Hear me out – I’m finally at a place in my relationship with food where I can do this and not let it take over my life.  I’m doing it using MyFitnessPal.com, and the app for my Android.

Unnamed 1

(photos from the Android app store)

I’m at a healthy weight, and I want to stay here.  I’m done with the restriction, but I’ve always had an issue with eating too much.  The purpose of this exercise is to teach me what a proper serving size is.  I’ve tried for months to let my body figure it out, but with no such luck.  My ability to eat past fullness with little discomfort has hindered me in this.

Unnamed 2

I think it’s finally time to stop my up-and-down eating habits (and weight fluctuations) and learn how much is enough, once and for all. No, I’m not tracking my weight, and I’m only estimating when it comes to serving sizes – this is meant to be a food diary, NOT a weight loss tool.  The tracking will make me re-evaluate my hunger cues.  But, if I do find myself truly hungry, I will eat something, even if it means I “go over my limit” for the day.  It happens, and I am vowing now, I will not deprive myself.

Have you even followed a fitness plan before? What did you think?

Do you track what you eat? Do you naturally eat a good amount for your body?


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23 thoughts on “WIAW – My Best Body

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Ok, first of all, yay for raw okra! Secondly, where did you find RED okra? Does it taste the same? I’ve never even seen it before.

    This is the first I’ve heard of Tina’s bootcamp too! That’s awesome that you are challenging yourself and I agree with you 100% on tracking your calories. I mean, seriously…
    “I’ve always had an issue with eating too much. The purpose of this exercise is to teach me what a proper serving size is. I’ve tried for months to let my body figure it out, but with no such luck.”
    …it’s like you reached into my brain or something! That is EXACTLY what my problem was before I started tracking…I could never seem to stop at just 1 serving of granola/cereal/whatever and my portion perception was always getting skewed.

    I tried intuitive eating and that worked for…like a day. Plus, I did it on the weekend where I was able to eat whenever I wanted…not exactly possible in my line of work. Like tonight for example: I ate dinner at 10pm and then got SUPER busy and JUST now sat down and was able to have a snack (even though I’ve been hungry for over an hour)!

    Since I’ve been keeping up with my meals and snacks, it’s REALLY helped me realize what combination of macronutrients work best for my body and just like you said, I’m not using it to start restricting…just to help me understand my hunger better!

    So yeah, enough with my ramble…love the grub (especially the sunbutter “dessert”) and oh, how do you like that s’mores bar? I’ve seen it, but wasn’t sure. I used to LIVE off the chocolate peanut butter ones! :)
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Simply DeliciousMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      (I love these kinds of comments, btw!) I got the red okra at my local coop! I was pleasantly surprised to see okra there at all.
      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who just can’t get behind intuitive eating – dunno what exactly (I probably think about it too much!), but I totally feel you there. Yay for learning proper portion size!

      I *love* all of the Builder’s bars – the s’mores and new chocolate chip are my favorites! I’m not sure if the s’mores truly tastes like s’mores, but it’s really good regardless. I like that they’re tasty AND actually fill me up. But I probably should cut down my consumption of them, I’ve had one like every day (my wallet would thank me for that as well!)

  2. Tina @ Best Body Fitness

    Counting calories can certainly be triggering to some people, but I still think its a useful tool to find a healthy balance. In fact, I loosely will keep in mind my calories to make sure I’m eating enough or not too much.

    PS – I want to find those coconut shrimp! Yum!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Boot Camp Workout FunMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      So true, Tina! I’ve found that so far, counting calories puts my mind at ease – I worry less since I know that something else is making sure I eat enough.

      The coconut shrimp are so good! Trader Joe’s does it again.

  3. Min @ savortherainbow

    Sunflower seeds nut butter seems to be all the rage these days. Must try it!!
    I tracked what I ate for most of my life. I weighed myself excessively also. Those two combinations, as you can image, did not bode well for me. Over the last several years, I completely stopped keeping track, got rid of my scale, and just focused on listening to my body’s cues. This alone changed my life! Good luck to you!!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Sunflower seed butter is delicious – do try it if you get the chance, Min! That’s fantastic that you were about to ditch the scale and listen to your body :-)

    1. Rachel Post author

      Nice, Lauren! Yeah, I just make sure to keep up at least once a day – and not worry if I have an off day of eats every now and then.

  4. Rachel

    I totally know what you mean about needing to learn proper serving sized. I’ve struggled with that for years, especially in the last year or two as I have worked through some disordered behaviors. For those people who can do the intuitive eating thing, great for them. I just don’t think it’s in me. So, I use myfitnesspal to track my food too for the very same reason as you!I also do it to make sure I’m getting the enough protein, fat, etc. It’s worked really well for me the past couple of months, and I would bet that it will for you too. It’s a great tool.

    It seems like we have a lot in common with this stuff! And, matching cool names :) Good luck with everything!
    Rachel recently posted..Lesson Plan: Single Girl’s LasagnaMy Profile

  5. Anne@LoveMintChocolateChip

    i know exactly how you feel with counting calories! i hope to one day be able to do this again so i am more aware of how much i am actually eating but for now, i do not want it to trigger anything! i am loving best body bootcamp so far!

  6. Ashley Pomes

    I tried the insanity plan for a little while I did not like it at all. It killed my knees. I am doing Tina’s bootcamp though and so far I am liking it. I like putting my workouts in others hands because it keeps entertained and I don’t get bored.

    Do you track what you eat? Do you naturally eat a good amount for your body?
    I do track what I eat. When I was loosing weight I used to track on a calorie counting app and then I used it in a bad way and recently I got rid of that app. I track what I eat by writing it down but I do not count calories and I do check the portions but not veggies that unlimited. I also track because I am seeing a nutritionist and it is to show her.
    Ashley Pomes recently posted..WIAW #37My Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Ooh – insanity always seemed a little too “insane” for me. For some reason I just feel like it’s way to intense, and not great for the body. Glad you like the bootcamp, too!

      That’s great about the food tracking – for me, it keeps me more accountable with an app, whereas I would forget more often and be more inclined to “cheat” with a journal, haha.

  7. Audrey @ Healthy Auds N' Ends

    Hi Rachel! First off, I really love your blog! :) I’m a blogger newbie but have been reading healthy living blogs for a while…your site is so great!

    I’m also doing Tina’s Boot Camp–it’s awesome so far, no?! I’m excited to see how it challenges me as well. I also actually use the MyFitnessPal App too and for the exact same reasons! I just feel like I could use a good cleaning up of my daily eats. I definitely have to work on listening to my body’s cues when it comes to hunger and being full! Work in progress 😉
    Audrey @ Healthy Auds N’ Ends recently posted..Va Va VolumeMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Hey, Audrey – thanks for commenting! I totally know how you feel as a newbie – that was me, just last year :-)

      Well done with the bootcamp and food tracking! Fitness and health is a journey, always a work in progress. Good luck, dear!

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