Time to Release

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Not going to lie – I have a million and one things on my mind.

And even though I have the time to blog, the drive to do so has not been there.  I’m in a “transition phase” on all levels – work, school, living arrangement, everything.  No matter how much I wanted to write, I just couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Unfortunately, the same has happened with commenting on all your lovely blog posts.  I’m still reading (and enjoying) I promise!

So what gives now? Nothing, really – I just need a release.  In the form of food-photo dump.

Feast your eyes (pun intended):

IMG 7769

Patriotic breakfast, had on 4th of july!  The rest of the day was quite nice as well: Manhattan rooftop, bottle of wine, barbecue, blazing sun, friends, fireworks, yadda yadda.  No complaints!

IMG 7771

kale. balsamic roasted beets. peppers. otherstuff(don’t remember). eggs.

IMG 7774

If you eat fish and live near a TJ’s, go buy this now.  Like tuna, but better. And smokey.

IMG 7775

I made a salad.  And ate part of my tortilla before photo-ing. Oops.

IMG 7776

Magic bullet is back in working condition!  See that little rubber ring? That seals the cup so no liquid escapes during blending.  I needed new ones, and finally got them.

IMG 7778

Mixing bowl full of veggies – just the way I like ’em.  That yellow squash from my local coop was ah-mazing.

IMG 7780

chard wraps! (tempeh?)

IMG 7782

spinach ‘n eggs. with salsa. and otherstuff.  a classic, staple meal if you will.

IMG 7783

whole foods box of yum.  I need to cut this habit, like, yesterday.  But it was 9pm, I hadn’t eaten since 12pm, was starving and across the street.  I justify this by saying it’s better than running home, eating a jar of peanut butter and hating myself for it.  Veggies & love > bad stuff.

You like how articulate I am in this post? Like I said – lack of drive.  But I blogged, and feel damn good to get it out.

Tell me something random, anything!

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4 thoughts on “Time to Release

  1. Ashley Pomes

    I didn’t know that you could just get new rubber things for the Magic Bullet. Thanks. Mine is starting to let some liquid out when blending and I thought I was going to have to get a new one.

    Something random my first pair of High Heels just came in the mail. Im 21 and this is my first time lol. It is because I am 5’8 almost 5’9 so I always felt that I was too tall for them. I’m embracing it now lol

    1. Rachel Post author

      Yes! I bought the replacements on amazon – search for “magic bullet replacement gasket”.
      Good luck with the high heels – I love them, and they make your legs look awesome. Love the height :-)

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