Ugly Food, Pretty Girls

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So, I’m happy to report that things are settling in around here.  For some silly reason, I tend to forget that the first week in a new place is always stressful for me, and that I just need to ride it out.  I definitely feel much more grounded than I did a week ago, and I’m getting into a new routine.

Completely new topic – reason #1 I hardly share recipes: I make ugly food.  I really wish I had that talent/time to make my dishes look pretty, but I’m usually too hungry to care.  Want proof?

IMG 7718

Eggs poached in tomato sauce – absolutely delicious, really wanted to share the recipe.  But it ended up looking like this.

IMG 7720

Not so good-looking.  But oh so good tasting.  Maybe I’ll give this one another try?

Here’s another example:

IMG 7722

Pancake fail.  I don’t even know what to say about this one.

Now, a few pretty things!

IMG 7723

Lunch with the lovely Erin!  Market veggie wrap from VNote – really delicious, but not much of an atmosphere for a lunch place. And our server was pretty bad – but oh well.  Mmm vegetables!

Then we frolicked in Central park.  And ate strawberries (bad blogger alert – no photo of theses guys…).  And took “artsy” photos.

IMG 7726

She wanted a picture of me with a blade of grass in the foreground, and blurry me in the background.  But my camera wouldn’t have it, and I was too lazy to mess around with the settings.  We got this instead.

June  12 003

Not sure what the objective here was, but oh well. We had fun.

IMG 7732

Model status.  Love this girl.

We decided we need to go to central park more often.  I wish I lived closer!

IMG 7734

And more ugly good to finish off the day.  Little bit of everything – kale, pepper, carrot, zucchini, lentils, avocado, dressed with salsa/tomato sauce.  Favorite kind of day.

Do you make your food pretty?

What was the latest nature adventure you went on – even in your city?

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13 thoughts on “Ugly Food, Pretty Girls

  1. Tara

    I personally think ugly food tastes the best. When I see a pretty cupcake or pretty looking sandwich I’m just like – nope. can’t be good. I need to try the egg poached in tomato sauce. That sounds amazing!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Ha – that’s hilarious, Tara! Sometimes I feel like I dont enjoy pretty food as much because i’m too worried about messing it up.

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