Relocating… Again

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If you follow me on twitter or instragram, you probably noticed that I’m traveling again – this time, back to NYC!  Why I’m moving around so much is a story for another time – once I find the energy to write it.  This time, I think I’ll be sticking around for a while.  The next thing on my travel agenda is HLS in August!

Again, my little journey:

IMG 7700

Said goodbye the family and the doggy (Callie and Dad are best buds!)

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Stuffed my life into suitcases. Again.  Packing doesn’t get any less stressful, unfortunately.

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Grabbed dinner at Potbelly’s at Midway airport in Chicago, and boarded my night flight to nyc.  I arrived rather late, and crashed almost immediately.

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It’s been hot and sticky the past couple of days, and yesterday the only thing I wanted for lunch was a smoothie.  I was right near Jamba Juice, and lucky me they had a green smoothie on the menu! The Apple ‘n Greens, if anyone is interested.

IMG 7702

I had this dinner on my mind for the whole day – and since I’m not yet moved in to my new place, I took it as the perfect opportunity to get Whole Foods salad bar for dinner.  Never disappoints.

IMG 7703

I also picked up some things for breakfast for the next two days or so – I’m staying with friends in the meantime.

IMG 7704

Makes a yummy breakfast!  Coconut yogurt mixed with 1/2 scoop of RAW protein (brought from home), add banana, blueberries, almond butter. This same combo will be repeated tomorrow.

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Today’s lunch – grilled shrimp salad from the refrigerator section of a local grocery store.  Thank you, Instagram.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m not sure what this summer will bring for the blog.  I’m going to be working and keeping really busy, but updating this blog is something I truly enjoy, so I hope to keep doing so with some regularity.  I do hope you’ll stick with me!!

Any exciting plans for the summer?

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