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It’s Tuesday night, and I have a million things to do before I head back to NYC for the summer tomorrow.   Oy.  So I’m just going to say thank you Jenn, for giving me a reason to keep blogging in the middle of the week, when I might otherwise not.  Now, food:

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[[NOT all from one day, just some recent meals and such]]

IMG 7683 WIAW   Out and About

Brunch at Orange with two of my lovely friends!  I love this place for brunch – so creative, and always delicious.  They even serve orange flavored coffee!  I got the vegetarian breakfast burrito with guacamole instead of sour cream and cheese.  Mmm!

IMG 7685 WIAW   Out and About

That night we went out to dinner for Dad’s Birthday!  He chose sushi, at Sai cafe.  Good thing I love sushi simple smile WIAW   Out and About  Started with his favorite unfiltered sake.

IMG 7686 WIAW   Out and About

seaweed (and cucumber) salad for me.

IMG 7687 WIAW   Out and About

tako sansai (octopus, mountain veggies, cucumber, etc)

IMG 7688 WIAW   Out and About

hamachi jalapeno sashimi

IMG 7689 WIAW   Out and About

salmon gone wild sashimi

IMG 7690 WIAW   Out and About

and our only maki – spicy white tuna crunch.  have I mentioned that I love sushi?

I haven’t been very good at taking pictures of my eats lately, so here are a few recent snapshots from instagram:

 WIAW   Out and About

green juice from Peeled (beet color overpowers green…)

 WIAW   Out and About

sandwich day! my favorite hummus (with lettuce added) and cucumber on sprouted wheat.  raw veggies and mustard on the side.

 WIAW   Out and About

productivity snacks!  I stopped into starbucks for a couple of hours today to get some things done, and realized I had some money on my starbucks card from months ago. That’s right – I went the full five months abroad without Starbucks! Honestly I didn’t miss it at all – but it’s a nice treat now and then.  Protein bistro box and iced decaf with soy milk. Thank you, Starbucks for a delicious healthy snack.

IMG 7692 001 WIAW   Out and About

Oh, and here’s how my hair actually looks now – naturally, not straightened.  So short! (and I’m loving it)

Are you a Starbucks fan?  What do you love/hate there?

What was your favorite healthy snack today?

pixel WIAW   Out and About
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12 thoughts on “WIAW – Out and About

  1. HollieisFueledByLOLZ

    I love your hair cut girl. I am always afraid of getting a hair cut because my hair is also super curly and I feel like running will explode that look haha. Anyways-sushi is my favorite. End of story.
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