Grad, Dad and a Bit of Change

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This weekend was a good one.  Lots of family and food, lots of time to just chill.  The festivities started on Saturday evening, with the sister’s graduation party!  Actually, mom and I had prepped and shopped most of the week.  Everything home-made!

IMG 7661

Congrats, sister! (Oops I forgot to take off my apron…)

IMG 7659

Munchies + raw veggie crudité and homemade (delicious) gazpacho.

IMG 7664

Homemade watermelon salad, cole slaw, and pasta salad, plus a barbecue selection (burgers, chicken, salmon) on pretzel rolls.

IMG 7665

Ice cream cake for dessert! (+ fresh strawberries and cheesecake).  We were originally afraid of getting rained on, but it turned out to be a beautiful night and we were able to spend the whole time outside!

Onto today – of course, Fathers Day!  I really wish I had a picture of me and Dad, but I can’t seem to find one.  I need to start taking more pictures of the family.   I offered to have breakfast ready for him when he returned from his bike ride.

June  12

I made Jessica’s bacon apple pancakes – Dad likes his bacon.  I have lost my taste for things like this, but Dad said they were really good.  I like to please people with food, it makes me happy when people like things I make.  Not sure why, but it’s almost like a shared ‘language’ of sorts.

Lunch was a good one as well! We took a walk over to Floriole, our local favorite french bakery.  I adore this place – even more so now that it reminds me of Europe.  And there’s always something for the whole family there – from grilled cheese with ham to gorgeous fresh salads.

IMG 7675

Salad sampler plate! Plus a bean salad because I was still hungry.  Then the four of us shared two delicious desserts, but they escaped the camera.  And I’m not sorry – they were too good to care.

Then, this happened.

June  12 001

June  12 002

That’s about 8-10 inches gone – I have no idea how short it will look when it’s curly again (no, it’s not permanently straight).  I needed a bit of a change, it’s been about 5 years since I’ve really cut my ridiculously long hair.

The rest of the day was spent doing some errands, and hanging around the house.  Ended with a nice dinner outside of mostly party leftovers, and a pea soup Mom made from market peas and fresh tarragon.

As much as I claim that they bug me, I do love spending time with my family.  Congratulations, Miriam!  Happy Father’s Day, Dad – I love you so much <3

No questions today – I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there. ~R

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11 thoughts on “Grad, Dad and a Bit of Change

  1. Hannah@mindrunningwild

    Oh Rachel cute hair!!! I love it! I understand the ‘need a bit of a change’ thing. I borrowed a straightener off a friend and it was kind of fun to play around with it occasionally.
    Congrats to your sister as well! I can’t believe I’m going to be graduating college in january!! SCARY I feel like I just got out of high school.
    I made my dad Blueberry Crisp for father’s day. I love cooking for others as well, but my mom doesn’t always let me do it.
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..Pie- Oh My!My Profile

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