Fun Things Friday

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Friday!!! How was your week?  Mine was sort of busy – mostly with life things like doctor’s appointments (ugh), shopping, helping mom plan the sister’s graduation party, getting over jet lag (another ugh), etc.  There is no coherent theme for this post, just some things I feel like sharing.

1.  Sale on seasonal clif bars!

IMG 7636

Thank you, Target!  $2.50 for 7 bars – I don’t even know if I can usually get 2 bars at the price.

2.  This doggy is the cutest thing ever.  I love a sleeping puppy.

IMG 7638

Hi, Callie :-)

3.  I like wearing flowers in my hair.

IMG 7639

Yay, summer!

4. I’m the best sister ever (and modest, too, haha!) – for my younger sister’s high school graduation, I took her out to a restaurant of her choice.  She went with DMK Burger Bar – definitely not a place I would ever choose to eat at.  But, as far a burger places go, this is a good one!  They serve all hormone-free, grass-fed beef, bison, turkey, etc. – and everything is homemade, even the buns.  And they make a damn good veggie burger.

IMG 7648

Yup, I’m definitely back in America.  Second (veggie) burger in a week!  This was definitely fried and oily (and my stomach didn’t like it so much after) but it was so worth it.

IMG 7647

Why not go all out – and indulgence meal is allowed!  Sweet potato fries on the side with lemon-tabasco aioli.  Happy taste buds.

5. First froyo in five months!

IMG 7650

I definitely missed this in Sweden!  After burger dinner the sister and I hit up Forever Yogurt for a  plain tart yogurt with all the works.  This place rivals 16 handles (in NYC) with all their toppings!  16 handles still has better alternative flavors, though.

6. I hit a PDR this morning – 6 miles!  I decided it was time to finally break my 5 mile maximum “rule”.  Maybe it means I’m only running outside 2x a week, but I’d like to start running just a little longer if I can.

7. Cheap adidas running skort from Costco! It was weird running in shorts for the first time, but so much cooler.

IMG 7655

(They have spandex shorts under the skirt part. all for less than $20)

8. I’m going to Healthy Living Summit in Boston this August!  This will be my first ever big blogging event, and I’m so excited to go I can’t even begin to say.  Who else is going?

Are you a froyo fan? Favorite place/combo?

Are you going to HLS? I need roommates!

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