WIAW – Snack Time!

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So, I basically spent this entire morning convinced that today was Tuesday, and wondered why it felt like Wednesday.  Good one, Rachel – Happy Wednesday to you!

I know the theme for this month’s What I Ate Wednesday posts is sensible summer snacking – but I’ve been running around doing various things, and been quite thrown off (woohoo jet lag) the past few days, so I can’t say my snacks have been the best.  Oh yeah, and I also didn’t get pictures of most of them, so I’m doing what I can.  First, some of yesterday’s eats:


IMG 7629

Pre-workout banana and coffee with soy milk.  Boring and repetitive, but it works – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

IMG 7631

Sweet and savory egg sandwich!  With sautéed baby kale for extra veg, and a smear of goat cream cheese and apricot fruit spread on a sandwich thin.

IMG 7632

quick lunch – leftover chickpea salad, leftover green beans, seaweed salad from Costco! (first time in 5 months)

IMG 7633

Sensible snack: two small handfuls of this soy energy blend trail mix – again from Costco.  Crunchy soybeans are delicious.

IMG 7634

Dinner by Mom! Yummy roasted red pepper soup served with greek yogurt and herbs de Provence (cold).

IMG 7635

And a ridiculous amount of homemade tilapia ceviche.  Plus a corn tortilla.  I think I prefer raw/cured fish over cooked.

Now, let’s talk snacks.  First of all, what you see above is only the eats I managed to snap pictures of.  I also had a few other snacks here and there, but I was out and about and didn’t really get a chance to document everything.

So, let’s take a look at some of my favorite sensible snacks (recycled photos):

IMG 4946

Fruit, nuts, or cracker/small slice of bread with hummus and cucumber.  I love munching fruit and nuts – raw if possible.

IMG 6317

Hummus and veggies! Probably my favorite quick veggie-ful snack.  I’m also a big fan of carrots/celery with nut butter.  Mmm.

IMG 5901

Apple (or veggies) and nut butter.  Classic.

IMG 6765

Plain old fruit!  I’m a big fruit-muncher. I know I crave sugar and carbs, and fruit is a great way to satisfy those cravings.  Current favorites: berries, melon, apples, bananas.

IMG 7245

Lettuce wraps!  A great way to use up some leftovers or make a smaller, lighter version of your favorite savory sandwich.

What is your favorite veggie snack?

Do you like leftovers?

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5 thoughts on “WIAW – Snack Time!

  1. karina

    costco sells seaweed salad?!?! i’ve never seen it anywhere other than the special sushi sections at grocery stores….I only live near a Sam’s club though :(

  2. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Well you certainly have several good, flavorful and healthy snacks throughout the day! All of your items look truly delicious Rachel, especially those strawberries, such a color they are! My favorite veggie snack is raw peppers, carrots, cucumbers dipped in a greek yogurt dip or hummus of some kind… well that is my current favorite :)
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..WIAW- (A Questionable) Unproductive HabitMy Profile


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