A Bit of Lovely

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Everyday has been full of goodbyes, good memories, and good friends around here.  I hate goodbyes – they always imply that you’ll never see each other again, which I refuse to believe.  We’re only in our early twenties, and we have so much life ahead of us.

[[end slightly depressing intro-rant.  Countdown less than 1 day until stateside]]

On another note, I was ‘nominated’ for the “One Lovely Blogger” award by Tessa!  I’m supposed to post 7 random things about myself, then tag a few others to do so as well.  However, I couldn’t really thing of 7 facts about myself, so I’m pretty much posting 7 random things on my mind at the moment. Some about me, some blog-related odds and ends, and who knows what else. Here goes!

One lovely blog award

1. I make 109873 lists and notes every day.  I always have at least 2 to-do lists, an ongoing shopping list, lists of ‘musings and observations’ – basically everything.  I think too much, and some things have to get out of my head somehow.  Most lists get tossed or deleted (if electronic) once they’ve served their time.

IMG 7597

(today’s victim. don’t try to make any sense of it)

2.  I know have two ultimate strength-related fitness goals: unassisted pull ups, and handstand push ups.  This may take years, but I don’t care.   In the mean time, I work on strength and endurance goals I can achieve short term.  Including awesome stress-fueled runs.

IMG 7583

3.  I recently taught myself how to crack an egg with one hand.  And I must admit, I think I’m pretty awesome for it.  And just because I’m so nice, I’m going to share my secret – I learned from this tutorial.

Source: youtube.com via Rachel on Pinterest

4. I’ve been rather selfish on the blog front lately.  I have a million and one fun events, places, food, and things I’ve done/gone to/eaten – but I’ve kept them all to myself.  In all honesty, I’m kind of burnt out on travel writing, and it’s hard to start up a discussion and get excited about something that the majority of my readers probably don’t identify with.  I may use them for filler posts when I have nothing else on my mind.  I guess it’s good to have backup material!

IMG 7552

(like going to the palace on Sweden’s National Day)

IMG 7207

(and eating stroopwafels in Amsterdam. okay, I’m done teasing now)

5. After I finish my undergrad degree in physics, I’m done with physics.  I’m not going to say it’s too difficult – but I will say it’s too stressful.  The math and concepts are not intuitive to me the way they are to most of the people in my program.  I don’t regret doing this study as it’s been a really good learning experience.  And physics is just really cool (#nerdalert).  But, I think I need to do something more creative.

this is what I want.

6. I really do eat dark chocolate every day.  Only one or two squares – only on days I don’t have any other, more indulgent desserts.  I crave it way too much – and I figure 1 or 2 squares a day is better than bingeing on nearly an entire bar once a week and making myself feel sick. After all, it’s essentially the same amount (about 1 bar/week).  Moderation & balance.  Eventually I hope to be at a good enough place with myself where I don’t feel “need” my one square/day, but for now this works.

IMG 7592

This week’s poison (read: medicine).  I buy what’s on sale.  But this Swedish brand is delish – all of their 70% and above chocolates are dairy-free and soy-free, and they have a very short, pronounceable ingredients list. It’s chocolate love.

7.  My first bloggiversary is tomorrow!  I honestly can’t believe I stuck with it this long.  I haven’t had time yet to put together anything special for it (traveling, packing, blah blah), but stay tuned in the coming weeks.

Now, I nominate these lovelies

Hollie @ Fueled By Lolz

Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

Faith @ For The Health

Nada @ One Arab Vegan

Jemma @ Celery & Cupcakes

…and anyone else who reads this and wants to do it!

Anyone else out there a crazy list-maker?

Do you have any cool little tricks up your sleeve? Bragging time!

Dessert – little bit every day, or big splurge once in a while?

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8 thoughts on “A Bit of Lovely

  1. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    I love your facts Rachel, thank you for filling this out pretty lady :) Cracking an egg with one hand is pretty cool, I can do it too.. well about 80% of the time haha, the other times get a bit messed up and messy! That is great you eat dark chocolate everyday, good for both the body and mind, that is for sure!
    Congrats on the bloggivseray, how dang exciting love!


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