WIAW – Odd Day

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Countdown: THREE days until I hop on a plane back to the USA.  Wow.  I’m not even sure I believe it yet.  Anyway. Despite being done with schoolwork, I’ve had an ‘off’ few days around here – trying to fit as many things in as possible, saying goodbye to wonderful people, etc.  Basically, my schedule and habits are all out of whack, as is definitely reflected in my eats.

I know the theme of this month’s What I Ate Wednesday posts is Sensible Summer Snacking, but I can’t say I did my best here.  I made a few sensible decisions, but it was a bit of an off day.  I just rolled with it.

Also, I’m trying to use up most of my pantry and fridge items, so options were limited.


IMG 7447

Simple banana pancake, recipe first spotted on Carrots ‘n Cake: 1 banana, 1 egg, 1T nut butter (I used tahini), cinnamon.  This pancake was super light and fluffy! More like a banana omelet.


IMG 7448

Green (I swear theres spinach in there!) smoothie! Razzies, Bluebs, protein, spinach, soymilk to mix.


IMG 7450

Late (3pm?) lunch of sweet potato w/ the last of the homemade hummus (tear, I don’t have enough days to make it work making more), and egg and herb scramble cooked with a touch of coconut oil, smothered in taco sauce. Using up the pantry/fridge, remember?!  But still, this such a good combo! I just might do the egg thing again.


IMG 7456

I was wandering around the market halls in the city at Hötorgshallen, and took the time to snack on some of the nuts and dried fruits set out for samples.  Mmm.

Dinner? Another Snack?

IMG 7460

My landlord gave us a free movie ticket for inconveniencing us with renovations (we got a partial refund for the month as well) – so on a whim I hopped on the train to the city and saw The Avengers! Finally! I loved it – but then again I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon, and superhero movies.  A star cast of really attractive men also helps.

Anyway, since the movie was free and I was a bit hungry by then (it was like 6pm or something) so I treated myself to a small popcorn.  SO much better than movie popcorn in the US – less salt and oil for sure.  This was my one sensible choice – I really wanted to reach for the candy, but convinced myself to go with at least some nutritional value.

Dinner/late snack:

IMG 7462

I got home from the movie and wasn’t really hungry at the moment (9pm?) but I knew I would be in an hour or so.  A salad still sounded good at the moment, so I thought I’d kill the hunger beast before it drove me to the unhealthy late-night binge snacks.  Into the bowl went: spinach about to go bad, sunflower sprouts, dressing (crushed tomatoes & yogurt), smoked tofu & nooch.  Yum.  It worked.

Plus a square of dark chocolate in there somewhere, and bedtime tea.  Must have my bedtime tea!

 Have you ever come up with really good/odd combos when using up your pantry or fridge?

At the movies – popcorn or candy?  I usually try to bring my own snack to avoid spending the money, but otherwise I’m all for popcorn!

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