A Tale of Two Dinners

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I’m really going to miss my exchange friends in Sweden.  They are all amazing, genuine, fun people.  (If any of you are reading this, it’s taking all I have now not to break down at the fact that I only have one week left here).  Yup, at this time next week I will be on a plane back to the US.  But that’s not what this post is about.

Another thing I love about my friends? They love good food.  And, in our last week here, they’re all happy to spend a little extra on a really delicious meal.  One thing I’ve been seriously missing on my exchange trip?  Sushi dinners.  Enter – Restaurang Ljunggren, in Stockholm’s ‘hip’ Södermalm neighborhood:

IMG 7366

Sake – no other drink goes better with sushi.  I love me some sake.

IMG 7367

Edamame – complimentary!  I’m not sure I’ve ever had bad edamame.  Unless it’s served cold, that is.  But this was yum.

IMG 7368

My choice of sashimi – yellowtail!  I went out with 3 friends, and we each chose our own sashimi or nigiri, then shared the rest of the order.  Best way to order at a sushi restaurant if you ask me.

IMG 7369

Shared roll #1 – gardener’s maki, all veggies! We got a larger order since one of my friends is vegetarian.  This was really good though. (you know I love my vegetables!)

IMG 7370

Shared roll #2 – spicy tuna!  Not a traditional spicy tuna, as they usually put the tempura and the spicy mayo inside the rolls, but oh well.  It all goes down at the same time anyway. (wow, I’m cool)

IMG 7371

shared appetizers – summer rolls! I can’t wait to make them at home again, but these were delicious.  We also shared veggie spring rolls, which were the fried version of these.  They were too far across the table, and I was hungry, so I didn’t snap a photo.

IMG 7372

Seaweed salad! A must at sushi restaurants.  This one was really tiny, though.  Oh well.  Also, I will recreate this at home one day.

IMG 7373

Dessert!  I love restaurant desserts, and these looked too good to pass up.  My 3 friends each ordered this banana crème brulée with toasted coconut sorbet. I had a little taste, and I must say I wish I had ordered this one.  Banana and coconut are two of my favorite flavors!

IMG 7374

My dessert – the “Berrie Me in Cream”.  Don’t get me wrong, the fresh berries, sweet cream cheese and chocolate chip cookie crumbles were delicious, but that other one was way beyond.

I love sushi dinners – I always leave feeling full and satisfied, but hardly ever overstuffed.  Yum

Dinner number two – cooked by yours truly!  I honestly have no idea why, but for some silly reason it’s taken me this long. To cook for my friends.  I love cooking, and I love sharing good food.  Especially healthy, veggie food.

IMG 7375

Appetizers store-bought tzatziki (it’s really good!), homemade hummus, with veggies and knäckebröd.  Something to munch on while the rest is prepared.  I  didn’t quite give myself enough time to prepare everything before my friends came over.

IMG 7377

Favorite salad combo.  It’s very similar to this recipe, but I added cucumber, fresh basil (I think this *makes* the dish), and my dressing was just honey, balsamic, EVOO, salt and pepper.  This salad could be a meal in and of itself!

IMG 7378

Ugly picture, but delicious main dish.  I made Chelsey’s spinach, tofu, and rosemary lasagna (without the humnut drizzle), and it was fantastic.  I love this recipe – it’s delicious, filling, and in my mind, nearly guilt-free.  After that salad, we each only needed one piece – but now I have leftovers!

Our original plan was to cook together (and they definitely helped me when I let them! I tend to take over when I cook…), but since I prepared most of the food I asked them to pick up some dessert.

Daim Live small


Daim ice cream cones! I’m not a huge milk chocolate fan, and this is not something I would necessarily buy on my own.  I’ve only ever had it here in Europe, but I will certainly miss it.  Chocolate & caramel goodness, something that would remind me of childhood.  In Sweden, on exchange, at age 21.  Nostalgia food.

Hey friends – you all have to come see me in NYC, that’s not a request -it’s a command.

What’s your favorite restaurant meal to splurge on?

Do you host dinners for friends often?

Any nostalgia foods you love but wouldn’t normally buy?

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2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Dinners

  1. Kat @ a dash of fairydust

    Oh,I remember eating that Daim ice cream long ago when I was still able to REALLY enjoy it… Oh boy,it was awesome!
    I also love sushi a lot; I barely eat out actually,but if I do,I almost always have sushi. 😉
    Your lasagna looks delicious,gotta love pasta… So good!
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..The urge of fast reactions.My Profile


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