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With this summer-like weather in Sweden, all I want to eat is fresh produce.  Smoothies for breakfast.  Fruit to snack on. Salads for meals.

Like this one:

IMG 7211

A chickpea salad with chopped spinach and herbs, tomatoes, spices and a light oil and vinegar dressing.  Super simple, super tasty, super fresh.

Eating seasonal now just seems so intuitive to me.  I love it!  Granted it’s rather difficult to get good local and seasonal produce here, as nothing much really grows in Sweden in the colder months (most of them).  But fresh is still the best.

IMG 7239

Treated myself to a little café lunch.  Lebanese plate!  Not the best I’ve had, but it was still a nice treat.  I love all mediterranean and middle eastern food.  Always light and delicious, and is made of mostly vegetables.

I really do love vegetables. Can you tell?

IMG 7245

Lettuce wraps for snacking / mini meal.  Layered with quinoa, avocado mashed with taco sauce, topped with a little nooch.  I smell summer.

IMG 7247

And of course, giant salads.  For something new, I decided to toss my salad instead of layering it.  If you haven’t done this, try it.  I makes for perfectly mixed bites in every forkful.  In my bowl: rucola, zucchini, quinoa, lentils, radishes, avocado, chopped italian parsley – dressed with a little balsamic and flax oil.

And speaking of fresh and green…

IMG 7216

This is where I live.  The walkway leaving my housing complex.  I am seriously going to miss this.

What’s your favorite ‘fresh’ cuisine?

Do you find yourself craving cold, fresh food in summer?

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