Photo Monday

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Not much to say, a few things to show.  Well, a few things to say too: I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow!!!  I’m working on a few posts to publish while i’m gone, including a little something new.  Stay tuned!

Picture time.

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Every now and then I make pancakes.  Then I want nothing to do with them for months.  These were particularly good, but even so, I felt like I had my fill for the month or so.  Plus, I made them specifically to use up some last pantry ingredients, which are now gone – so I can’t even re-make them if I wanted to.  Not that I actually remember what I put in them anyway.

IMG 6799

Epic salads.  I love the crunch of the radishes, peppers, and cucumbers combined with the runny egg yolk.  Plus, avocado makes everything better. Always.

IMG 6802

Epic Taco salads.  With really good vegan cheeze.  Enough said.

IMG 6804

Treated myself to some pizza at Vapiano with a lovely group of girls.  It was an early dinner so I made sure not to load up on too much lunch.  The pizza was really good, but I think that was mostly because I was hungry.  And I think I’m spoiled when it comes to fancy pizza restaurants (thanks, Mom).

IMG 6816

Veronica Maggio concert with friends!  Lovely night, adorable Swedish singer, fantastic orchestra, lovely night.

Unfortunately I was starving when I got home at 11pm.  Dinner at 5.30 just does not hold me over.  I then proceeded to stuff my face with a little tofu sandwich on rye (trying to reach for something other than snacks and sweets).  The next day I woke up with horrible stomach pains that caused me to stay in bed two hours longer than I had originally intended.  I’m not sure if it was all the cheese on the pizza (haven’t eaten that much at one time for a while) or eating a ‘meal’ too close to bed time.  I’m thinking the former, because eating before bed has never given me pain before.

IMG 6817

green-brown-sludge smoothies!  That would be a raspberry and chocolate green smoothie.  (with a peanut butter spoon stuck in there)  Favorite.

IMG 6819

Savory stuffed sweet potato à la Jenn.  This girl is genius – seriously, check out some of her recipes, they are all amazing.  I covered my ‘tater in scrambled eggs, crushed tomatoes with olives, kraut, nooch and cayenne.  This is an ‘I’m-going-out-of-town-and-need-to-use-up-my-fridge’ combo.  But it was delicious.  Crunchy romaine on the side for green factor.

Pancakes – regular occurrence or occasional craving?

Do you come up with odd-but-delicious combos when you’re down to your last few items in the fridge? Please share!

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7 thoughts on “Photo Monday

    1. Rachel Post author

      the topping is so simple! microwave some frozen berries until they are liquidy, then add chia seeds. wish i could give you measurements, but of course i didnt measure, haha.

  1. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Wahoo yay for Amsterdam tomorrow! I am psyched to hear your adventures there, it’s definitely a place I want to go to someday! Your food looks just awesome too Rachel, a lot of variety, color, nutritious items, tons of flavor.. yum! Pancakes are a YAY for me right now, i had them yesterday morning as a matter of fact
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..Reflections & Coping With What I KnowMy Profile

  2. Hannah@mindrunningwild

    okay WHAT are those pancakes? Please tell me you’ve got a recipe!! Pancakes for me are always a yay but I try to limit them to 1x a week in case I might get sick of them.
    Amsterdam is lovely, I’m sure you’ll love it! I’m jetting off to Morocco in 2 weeks, which is going to be fab- I’m looking forward to FINALLY trying Falafel!
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..I can’t stay awayMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      I wish I had a recipe, Hannah! Unfortunately it was one of those spur of the moment things that worked, haha. Have fun in Morocco, I’m excited for you to try falafel as well!


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