Exploring Stockholm: Stadshuset and Vasamuseet

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Been a while since one of these travel posts, hasn’t it! (I know, I’m not funny) But, I have hundreds of tourist-y pictures of Stockholm from when my parents visited, and I go back and forth on how I want post them.  Ideally, I want to show them all, because there are so many amazing things in this city!  But that would get quite boring to read.

So, I decided to continue with the Exploring Stockholm series, and split up the sights into smaller posts – which will also help get some content up on my site when I’m not inspired to talk food or other things. For today’s edition we have Stockholm’s City Hall (in Swedish, Stadshuset) and the Vasa Museum (in Swedish, Vasamuseet).


IMG 6330

This is the ‘indoor courtyard’ of city hall – which is a functioning, government office! The only way to get inside is with a guided tours, which runs about every hour.  Gorgeous building, and it was really cool to learn about the architecture and style.  Especially traveling with artist/architect parents who know what they’re talking about.  I wish I could repeat everything I learned, but I may just have to look some things up again.

IMG 6331

This hall (another view, same place) is where the Nobel banquet is held for Nobel prize winners.  Can you believe they fit 1300 people plus the Swedish royal family in there?  Apparently everything about that event is perfectly calculate – from the space that each person has to sit, to the timing of when the food is served.  Crazy.

IMG 6300

The room where the city council of Stockholm meets.  It’s open to the public as well – but they can only watch, of course, not participate.

IMG 6343

The ceiling of this very same room.

IMG 6309

The gold mosaic hall!  This photo is actually from my visit to city hall on Kulturnatt (culture night), so the room was illuminated with purple lights.  This photo doesn’t capture it, but the place is really neat.  And yes, there is real gold in all of those little mosaic tiles.

IMG 6359

Closeup on one of the scenes.

IMG 6361

The place setting for the nobel banquet!  Beautiful dishes and Orrefors swedish crystal.  Oh, how I long for the day when I have my own place and pretty dishes!


IMG 6440

There it is – the Vasa!  This museum is all about the 400 year old ship that sank just inside the harbors of the Stockholm archipelago, and was under water for nearly 300 something years.  Then it was recovered – almost completely intact.  They are constantly working on restoring the ship to its original state, but now it lives inside this fantastic museum.

Seriously – if you ever travel to Stockholm, do not miss this museum.

IMG 6462

View of the upper deck.  The ship sank because of really poor engineering, on a number of levels (I’m not going to go into detail here).  But along with all the mechanics of building the ship, the museum taught us about how it was recovered, the history of Sweden when it was built, and a bit about life on a ship and in Scandinavia at the time.  Really interesting stuff!

IMG 6465

Detail of the stern.  Amazing carvings.  There is so much inside this museum that we were there for almost 2 hours – and only left because we (well, I) reached information overload.  Dare I say it was one of the best museums I have ever been to? Yes, it was.

****On another note:  I wanted to wish my momma and all the other moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!  I looked for a good picture of mom and I to post, but unfortunately I don’t have any recent ones.  I love you mom, and I can’t wait to hang out, go shopping, and share food at restaurants with you in just a few weeks! <3 Rach****

 What is your favorite museum in the world?

When you travel, do you enjoy looking at the architecture?

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