WIAW – A Darn Good Day

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I had a really good day yesterday – for no real reason.  Well, it could have been runner’s high from the fantastic run I had that morning.  Or the gorgeous Swedish sun.  Doesn’t matter – I’ll take a smiley day any day.

I also managed to get just about *all* my eats captured on camera yesterday as well!  So, another ‘real’ what I ate Wednesday for you, brought to you by Jenn.


IMG 6776

Iced coffee with soy milk and 1/2 banana.  And lots of water.  I can eat this about 45 minutes before a run, and have no stomach issues during.

IMG 6777

The plan was for a speedy 3 miles – but look what happened!  Actually I picked a trail I didn’t know, and it took me further than I had intended.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was feeling good and strong – so it didn’t matter.


IMG 6779

Green smoothie refuel!  Protein powder, the other half of the banana, the last of the strawberries (sad day), frozen spinach, water, and a bit of soy yogurt.  Strawberry banana yum!


IMG 6785

I was feeling good with the eats as well.  Smörgås (swedish word for open sandwich, traditionally on this rye bread) and salad!  Sandwich had hummus, avocado mash, spices and hard-boiled egg.  Devoured.  Salad had mâche lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, and mint-lime dressing.

IMG 6789

Plus one of these sesame cookies and a square of dark chocolate for dessert.


IMG 6790

Pink lady apple, another h.b. egg, almonds and sesame cookies – packed up for school!

939cf684990511e18bb812313804a181 7

I mean, who wouldn’t have a good day if this is what you see when walking to class.  Yes, I took this with my phone – instagram! (no filter)

604de76c952611e1abb01231381b65e3 7

Recycled photo – but I’m in love with these bars. I think I like them better than Larabars! But they’re not cheap, so this was a special treat.  Another foodie thing I will miss when I leave Europe.  (instagram photo!)


(I was super starving by the time it was time to make dinner, so I snacked on some cherry tomatoes and hummus while cooking)

IMG 6793

Healthy spanish fried ‘rice’ dish thingy.  Those are actually wheat berries, not rice! I got a block of “rosso” (spanish spiced) tofu on sale, so I stir fried it with some begins, wheat berries and 1 egg.  It turned out quite a bit better than I expected.

After dinner I had a scoop of PB and another little square of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Then, a lovely cup of peppermint tea before bed.

 Do you ever have really good days, just because?

Best thing you’ve *made* and eaten recently?

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11 thoughts on “WIAW – A Darn Good Day

  1. Bella

    I’m so glad I found your blog via WIAW!
    Smiley days are great, no matter what the reason! Your lunch reminded me of how much I love sprouts – I’m going to have to pick some of those up in this week’s shopping trip. I’ve only had wheatberries in a pre-made salad, but I really like them – I’m going to have to look for them and see about making a dinner like this one. It looks yummy!
    Bella recently posted..#WIAW – 1st Week of MayMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Hi, Bella – thanks for stopping by! Wheatberries are great – quick and easy to cook, and great for so many things. Including breakfast 😛

  2. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    Never question the good days just enjoy them :)

    You had some seriously good eats yesterday! I just came back from living in Ireland for a year and I totally miss Nakd bars, especially the pecan pie, cashew cookie and the apple pie. So enjoy them! And make sure you eat lots of your favourite things before you go home- you will regret not doing it, trust me lol

    1. Rachel Post author

      Yes, Gabby, you’re so right! I think the good eats definitely helped make the day lovely. And thanks for the advice! I plan to fill up on all things awesome I can’t get at home. I just need to find a cheaper place to buy nakd bars, haha.

    1. Rachel Post author

      that’s nutritional yeast – for some reason I always forget to write it. Wheatberries are so delicious, definitely give them a try! like a healthier version of pasta, but more versatile. I even eat them for breakfast instead of oats sometimes.


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