Discoveries are Back! Swedish Style

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Remember when I started this blog, I made a (rather grand) plan to post new discoveries on friday every week – food, health, life, etc.?  Yeah, well that master plan kind of fell apart.  I mean, I quite liked doing those posts, but stopped for a few reasons.  The biggest ones that come to mind are:

1. I got lazy, and didn’t feel like dragging my camera around to capture every little new thing I tried/saw. In other words, I wanted to just enjoy the little things without documenting them all.

2. I didn’t want to blog because I ‘had to’.  I don’t want blogging to be a ‘priority’, or something that I am obligated to do.  I want to do it because it’s a hobby I enjoy.

So, with that, I’m bringing back the discoveries! Although not every week.  Just when I feel like it – which, for all I know may be just this once.  And mostly because I haven’t shared some of the fantastic foodie things I’m going to seriously miss when I leave Sweden.  Without further ado – discoveries, Swedish style!

1. Fresh Swedish strawberries.

IMG 6766

Strawberry season begins! These are amazing, the picture does not even do them justice.  So sweet and juicy, and not a bad one in the bunch.  This box was piled higher than in the picture, a few little guys didn’t make it home.

IMG 6771

I even added them to my delicious summer-like salad!  With spinach, radish, sprouts, beans, and mint-lime dressing (I meant to add walnuts because I love walnuts and strawberries together on salads, but somehow I forgot until after I finished the salad…).  [[also note the dark rye bread in the corner]]

2. Dark rye bread

IMG 6767

There it is!  I love this stuff.  I know you can buy it in grocery stores in the states, I’m actually pretty sure I have.  But rye is much more popular here – like I’ve mentioned before, people are big into fiber and digestives.  But this little pack has no weird ingredients, is minimally processed (not even wheat flour – just wheat germ!) and only costs me a little over $1.  Win! [[ICA Basic is the ICA grocery store generic brand!]]

3. Alpro soy yogurt

IMG 6768

Seriously the best.  I’ve tweeted about it quite a bit, but I love this stuff! (Nada knows what I’m talking about!) Same price as the dairy yogurt I like, but a little easier on the stomach for me.  This is the vanilla, but it’s a little too sweet for me.  I prefer the natural flavor.  Still delicious – I wish you could get soy yogurt this good in the US.

4. Healthy cookies on sale!

IMG 6769

I pretty much never buy packaged cookies, because they’re not nearly as good as homemade – but when I saw this pack on sale for about $1.50 I snatched it up.  After I ready the ingredients, of course – only dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and honey!  My kind of everyday cookie.  They’re definitely more like snack cookies than dessert ones.  [[I <3 eco is the ICA grocery store organic brand!]]

5. Glass noodles!

IMG 6772

I’ve mentioned them before, but I love these guys!  Mainly because I’m not really a huge pasta person (gasp!) but I do love me some Asian noodle dishes.  Plus, these only take three minutes to make – pour boiling water, submerge noodles and cover for three minutes.  Did I mention they’re naturally gluten-free, made from mung bean flour and potato starch?

6. Peanut butter.

IMG 6773

Sorry, tahini, I’m cheating on you.  I still think I like tahini more, but PB always holds a special place in my heart/cupboard.  This is my favorite brand I’ve found here – organic (KRAV is the main certification here), only two ingredients (roasted peanuts, sea salt), and super creamy and addicting.  Yes, jar meets spoon immediately upon return home.  After jar gets its photo taken, of course.

Have you ever made a blog ‘plan’ but abandoned it?

Which of these things would you be most interested to try?

Any recent foodie favorites?

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7 thoughts on “Discoveries are Back! Swedish Style

  1. Nada (One Arab Vegan)

    Love strawberries in salads, especially with spinach and rocket! And yay for Alpro yoghurt!I still haven’t tried the pouring variety but I prefer the natural flavour of the pots as well.

    Glass noodles and rye bread are two things I never really gave a chance – I may just consider one or both next time I go shopping seeing as we seem to have similar tastes :)
    Nada (One Arab Vegan) recently posted..Juice “Feasting”My Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      I just like my ‘between milk and yoghurt’ consistency for yoghurt, haha. Glass noodles – they don’t taste like much, but they’re light, and remind me of traditional asian dishes that I love. I also like weird textures, so those fit the bill. As for rye bread – do it. Amazing.

  2. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Those strawberries… oh my goodness the color of them! And I agree about blogging, never ever force it! It takes about 23084x longer to write, plus it comes out crappy (well for me anyway!) Blog only when you want to! I want to try those cookies, they sound interesting and of course i like that they are healthier :)
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..A Formally Impossible WeekendMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      So true, Tessa – it just comes more naturally. The cookies are quite delicious, I may try to make my own eventually!

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