WIAW – Dining Out in Stockholm

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How is it May already.  And Wednesday already.  The days are flying by me, it’s crazy.  I’m getting closer to crunch time for summer, and I can’t believe that if I was home in NYC that I would be done with school and starting finals by now!  I guess that’s one good thing about the longer semesters in Sweden – I get more time in this beautiful city.

But, I digress. Again.  Wednesday – food.  Right.

Last week the parents were in town, which was my one real chance to try some of Stockholm’s nicer dining establishments.  (Thank you parents!)  We all love good food, so it was a win-win for all.  So, for this week’s What I ate Wednesday, take a peek into some of my restaurant meals in Stockholm!  (click the restaurant title for websites) And don’t forget to check out Jenn’s site for more delicious meals and such.


Koh Phangan:

IMG 6323

An amazing Thai inspired restaurant in Södermalm – the inside looked (and felt) like a jungle.  In the middle of out meal we even had a monsoon.  Pretty cool place.

IMG 6324

For my meal I had the vegetarian satay (they said the “meat” was made of pressed vegetables, but it tasted like seitan) in spicy peanut sauce.  Plus cucumber salad in chili-lime dressing.

IMG 6325

Our table.  Everyone love their food – especially the sauces!

Lisa Elmqvist:

This is a fantastic seafood restaurant inside Östermalms Saluhall (the market hall at Östermalmstorg).  They also sell fish there, and I have never seen such an amazing variety of fresh seafood in my life.

IMG 6363

I got the salad of the day – with crayfish and avocado cream.  So good, but huge – I couldn’t finish it.

IMG 6364

Dad’s salmon.  The cold salmon here is the best I have ever had.  Ever.


At this restaurant near Rådmansgatan (Östermalm/Norrmalm), everything (well, almost) is grilled.  It’s definitely a big tourist spot, as it was booked full!  We (I) didn’t know this and decided to just show up.  They originally seated us at the bar, where the menu was much more limited.  We were going to stay anyway, but then at the last minute they had a cancellation and got us a table!  Happy Rachel.

IMG 6365

Started with delicious bread (actually we had amazing bread at all these restaurants) with herb & spice cream cheese.  I wish I could remember what they put in it!

then we ordered a ceviche appetizer (not grilled, I guess I lied), but I was too hungry, and the ceviche wasn’t that pretty. It was tasty.

IMG 6366

For dinner, my mom and I shared the ahi tuna teppanyaki – served with fried maki rolls and salad, plus 3 sauces.  The photo doesn’t show it, but they brought a little grill to the table, and we seared our tuna to our liking.

IMG 6367

for dessert (of course!) we got the mango GrillSplit, thinking it was some sort of grilled fruit (WRONG).  I think in the end it was their version of a banana split with mango instead.  There was mango sorbet in there, too, and the chocolate sauce was finger-lickin’ good.

Mathias Dahlgren @ the Grand Hotel:

okay, so basically this is one of the best meals i’ve ever had.

IMG 6415

Some knackebröd in the little bag.

IMG 6417

House brew- a lager made with juniper.  Interesting – a little strange actually.

IMG 6420

yes, I ordered a salad at a super fancy restaurant.  A leaves, sprouts and herbs salad.  It had so many fresh, local (that’s a relative term – from Sweden) veggies in it, I couldn’t pass it up.  And it certainly did not disappoint.  That was the best salad I’ve had in months.

IMG 6419

And, they brought oil and vinegar for you to dress it yourself!  Loved the chardonnay vinegar.

IMG 6421

Dad’s lunch – pike perch.  I honestly don’t remember what was on it, but I had a little taste, and it was amazing.

IMG 6422

Since we both ordered salads, mom and I decided to share one more dish – squid with warm cucumber salad and roe.  Again, I don’t remember what was on it.  But words cannot describe how this tasted. Oh man.

IMG 6423

Yeah, there’s no way I was going to pass up that dessert.

IMG 6424

So good.  My mouth is watering just looking at this picture. (excuse the shadows, they had funky overhead lighting).

KB Restaurant:

IMG 6479

The last night in Stockholm, we went to a place near the parents’ hotel – simple, somewhat traditional food.  I went with a tuna niçoise salad with tempered egg.  I know it really doesn’t look like much, but it was delicious.  Again, a little too much, I couldn’t finish the tuna.

IMG 6501

This last meal is the “healthy plate” from a little café in the old city (Gamla Stan).  Almost all little cafes in Stockholm will have options like these, and while they are a bit pricier than some places (and cooking), this is a really great healthy option on the go.  Everything tasted very fresh, and the brown rice was perfectly cooked.  Again, didn’t finish the shrimp and rice, and dad ate my corn (don’t love it, not worth it).

How’s that for a week of dining?

As much as I love restaurants, I also love to make my simple meals.  After three days of dining out in Sthlm plus a trip to Helsinki, I was more than happy to eat salads, eggs, grains, etc.

Do you like seafood? Where in the world is the best you’ve had?

Best *restaurant* meal you’ve had lately?

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9 thoughts on “WIAW – Dining Out in Stockholm

  1. Alexis

    All of your eats look great! I couldn’t pass up that dessert either 😉 The best restaurant meal was the grilled salmon and baked potato I had at a new place! It was awesome!
    Alexis recently posted..Who needs a doctorMy Profile

  2. HollieisFueledByLOLZ

    My mouth is watering staring at that dessert too. I am in love with salmon from restaurants. That and salads-I cannot physically make salads that are as good as anything in restaurants so I normally get one when I go out. 😛 Salmon salads with goat cheese always has the key to my heart though
    HollieisFueledByLOLZ recently posted..May Day May DayMy Profile

  3. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Pshhh there is no way I would have ever been able to pass up that dessert either, even with my mental thoughts haha! The salmon and all of that delicious sea food is catching my eye too Rachel :) You have been enjoying so many tasty and exotic items, so glad you are able to experience them!
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..WIAW- Just Eat?!My Profile

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